Friday, 30 November 2012


This week we have been plenty busy arranging a small exhibition at a cybercafe of our city, Zaragoza. However, we have been able to keep working on your requests, such as the one which we show today.

It's been a special project, because is the first diorama that you order us and finally it's done. "The Emperor's punishment" has been the choosen title for this battle scene. It represents an Imperial Guard commissioner characterized by a Viktoria Skivlana miniature fighting against some III Legion Emperor's Children Chaos Marines during the Heresy of Horus, due to they already carry at their power armours the colours of their Legion when it was still loyal to the Emperor. 

In special, the commissioner miniature has it own story. We had already painted for him a previous Viktoria Skivlana. He enjoyed so much the miniature that decided to order us this project.

We want to highlight the devastated ground, including all the details and elements: wires, tubes, debris... The commissioner has already killed a couple of Chaos Marines and she has just performed a head shot against another Marine with her Bolt pistol. She proudly remains over the corpse of an enemy while she copes a second round of Emperor's Children.

When our customer ordered us a pre-Heresy Emperor's Children Chaos Marines scheme of colours, we were worried about it because we didn't know how it could affect to the general diorama appearance, even more painting the commissioner in white. However, at the end, it has been a success because she seems a spot of light in the middle of the darkness.

Imperial Guard commissioner details:

Pre Heresy Emperor's Children Chaos Marines details:

Some ground details:

To sum up, a different and great request due to the final results (you know that we love to work on the bases, so we have been like in heaven XD). We want to thank our client for the confidence on us.
We hope have enjoyed it!

Saturday, 24 November 2012


We want to dedicate the request of this week to something that we show you in our blog not too long ago: Dark Vengeance miniatures.

We have painted this Hellbrute, this Kranon and this Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer (with a small pose conversion) in a diferent way that the ones of a couple of weeks ago. This time, our customer wanted a Chaos Undivided scheme of colors, that is to say, black armors and dark metallic and golden tones. Cloaks were performed in violet and dark blue, which stand out perfectly against the other colors. For organic parts, we heve used rooted or sickly shades, blending flesh, purple even green colors.
Of course, these great miniatures had to be highlighted with special bases.

This post is just an example of how a miniature can be painted in several ways and look great in each one of them. If you are interested or you want to compare, we leave you here a link to our other Dark Vengeance request where you will see, among other things, a Thousand Sons Hellbrute.

And now, photos:

Chaos Undivided Hellbrute

Kranon the Relentless

Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer

It has been great to have the chance to paint again these miniatures, but with diferent schemes of colors. It has given us ideas and we have been able to compare which one we prefer and which colors fit better with Chaos Space Marines... for possible next armies...
Greetings for the whole team!

Thursday, 15 November 2012


Our new work for this week has been quite funny and diverse. 10 miniatures, completly different each others, compose this request based on the Warhammer 40.000 universe. Specifically they represent some characters that appear at the role-playing game Dark Heresy. Our customer wanted a miniature per character, so after choosing which one could be better for each one, we started to paint:
- A couple of Imperial Guard Sanctioned Psykers.
- An Administratum Adept (miniature belongs to Grey Knights chapter).
- A Vindicare Assassin with Exitus Pistol.
- An Imperial Guard Kasrkin painted like an Adeptus Arbites.
- Uriah Jacobus, which represents an Ecclesiarch priest.
- A pair of Scums, miniatures which belong to a one of the Necromunda bands.
- Another Imperial Guard Kasrkin, but this time painted with green cammo. It represents a guard or a mercenary.
- A Imperial Guard Techpriest Enginseer.

We have could enjoy each one of these miniatures due to their variety of colors, details and surfaces. And we are really pleased with the results. We have learnt and improved as painters after this work and we've could have plenty nice hours doing what we like.
What do you think about them?

Photo of the whole request:

Sanctioned Psykers:

Adeptus Administratum:

Vindicare Assassin with Exitus Pistol:

Adeptus Arbites:

Ecclesiarch priest:


Guardsman, mercenary:

Techpriest Enginseer:

We hope you like these miniatures. It's a really cool request, full of showy miniatures. Now it's going to be great playing Dark Heresy!



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