Friday, 18 October 2013


Knight Models has recently launched its new releases and our customer has not wasted even a second to get this amazing miniature in order to enlarge his collection (that you can browse by clicking in our tag Batman). Whether models of the line Batman Arkham City are great, we can say the same about the ones of Miniature Game.
Check out the dynamism of Batman's pose and specially its cloak.

We have to say that it's been a tough model both in assembly and painting process. Each piece its tiny and the cloak it's difficult to glue due to it is an important counterweight (the whole miniature has been modeled in metal). But thank to that it has that dynamism. Enjoy!

Rear view of the model.

Batman more detailed. We have spent plenty of time lighting it up: brights go from black to almost white. 

Cloak details.

As curiosity, this model is supplied without base, so we have totally built the one you see here.

Soon we will be back with another nice post, quite similar to the one you could see around one month ago about the Mansions of Madness. On that post the oldest fans will be very pleased with the 35 models that we'll show you because it will be about one of the first miniature game launched in the market and forerunner of this particular universe as we know it today.

Untill then...keep painting!


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