Sunday, 30 November 2014


Today we have Dwarfs!

A race that we have barely painted in all these 3 years as painters, something rare because Dwarfs are one of the most popular and classic armies in Warhammer.
We have two 4th edition war machines that belong to the same customer of these other 4 models painted in a previuos order. In fact we must take into account their antiquity and rarity because they are very hard to find and only preserved by collectors.
So welcome to a new Grupo Afternoon post!

You will be able to compare how the way of modeling has changed from the 90's: sizes, proportions, and esthetic has evolved. For example, just look at the Anvil of Doom which even has a comic touch with those huge standards and a Runesmith on it. The Catapult brings with its crew (a crew of 6 models!!) all kind of dwarfs, from the ones that are cooking the lunch to the ones that are getting ready the catapult mechanisms. They definitely have plenty of charm and a great amount of funny details which we miss today. No doubt: they are 100% Oldhammer. Do you want to see them? Let's go! 


This Anvil of Doom has been painted with the same original scheme of colors than the one you can find in the 5th edition Warhammer Fantasy: Dwarfs codex. In concrete it is the Kragg's Anvil of Doom, one of the most powerful runesmiths. You can find more info here. Unfortunately, Games Workshop didn't included this character in its next editions.

The loyal protectors and bodyguards of Kragg. 

The Anvil and Kragg overview. We want to highlight the multiple runes that you can see all over the anvil and the huge standards. Colors are very showy, specially for the combination of green and red, two complementary colors.

Here you can see better the standards They have been scanned and colored and have practically the same appearance than the ones of the original 4th edition codex. A great work of design made by our mate Borja.


Another curious dwarf war machine. Its style is much more primitive than the present one and the crew wear more medieval clothes, inspired on the XIV century british army.

The catapult and its crew have a lot of small funny details. Here you can see the collection of Goblin limbs nailed to the catapult.

Another curiosity: this machine does not hurls rocks but...Goblins!!

The most funny model: these brave and strong dwarfs deserve to eat a proper meal after killing a nice pile of Goblins. What could be better than a roasted pig?

We don't understand very well what the first model is doing, but the second is guarding the catapult projectiles!

The other members of the crew in charge of the war machine.

Hope you like it and enjoy these rare models.
Thank you for reading and see you soon with our next post!


The model that we want to show you today is a special one. It doesn't belong to any order: it has been painted by our mate Borja in order to take part of the Games Workshop Zaragoza monthly painting contest (and luckily he won!). Certanly Alex (manager of the store) has had a very good idea arranging a contest like this each month with simple and accessible models. A great iniciative, specially for young and new fans that can try their best and don't spend too much money at the same time.
We have already seen Borja in this kind of contests before with successful results. Do you remember this Space Marine Librarian?    

The chosen model of this month has been the Tau Cadre Fireble, a specialized character for Fire Warrior teams. Our Cadre Fireblade has been represented crossing a swamp area with pretty dense vegetation. It is advancing with caution, raising the weapon over his head and watching carefully his scanner. As you can see, Borja has changed his weapons: instead of his pulse rifle, the Cadre Fireblade carries a pulse carbine. He also has removed the Bonding knife for a scanner in order to locate any threat or obstacles on the ground (which is very appropriate for the scene). Do you like it?  
Cadre Fireblade overview.

Pay attention at the color scheme that our mate has chosen. Those purple shades turned into pink fit great in combination with the skin and the white armor. In addition it gets a nice contrast with the vegetation.

Check out the vegetation details such as the moss in the dead tree.

Here you can see better the whole swamp area and the scanner.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit are the main topic of this week with three individual characters: Legolas Greenleaf and Gimli and Legolas from the Games Workshop pack "the Three Hunters".
These miniatures represent the contrast between the old and new designs. There are around 10 years of difference between the release of the Three Hunters and the new Legolas from the Hobbit, and obviously, technology advances. However, there are no more large Lord of the Rings armies or suplements anymore, and unfortunately Hobbit model sales are very low. Pity because they are nice, perfect for playing, collecting or building scenes.


This is the favourite of our customer. It belongs to a serie of models that Games Workshop launched for the release of the Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug. You can see that the general design has been improved including a very dinamic pose.

The colour scheme is the same than the original of Games Workshop based on the films. Although simple, it is a great model.


Let's start the Three Hunters miniatures but first we want to place this Gimli in a concrete point of the Lord of the Rings story: after Merry and Pippin being captured for the Uruk-hais of Orthanc and Frodo and Sam started to travel by theirselves to Mordor, our heroes Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli decided to chase the orc band in order to rescue the captured hobbits.

Pose and clothes transmit movement and alert. Remembering his backstory, Gimli was chasing the Uruk band closer. Here he is ready to give a blow with his axe. We have also painted Gimli and Legolas with the original Games Workshop colors.


This Legolas carries all his equipment packed except his elven bow, ready to shot at any moment. As his mate Gimli, his clothes and pose reflect perfectly the point of the story where they are.

Clothes are very functional, light and adapted to a great mobility with the bow. In addition, colors has been thought in order to offer some camouflage. If you pay attention, green color goes from black in the deeper folds from almost Goblin Green at his shoulders and hoodie.

The few golden details such us the quiver or daggers highlight over the rest of the model.

Thursday, 13 November 2014


And finally here we have the last post of our Eldar week.
We can truly say that this order has taken more time that it seems but...that's why Eldar are the smartest Warhammer 40.000 race!
The other models of the week have been:

- Eldard Ulthran, Chief Farseer of Ulthwé.
- Warp Spiders squad and Eldar Support Weapon. 

The War Walker squadron that we have painted gathers 6 of these agile machines. They use to scout the enemy front line seeking weak points and when they find their target, War Walkers use to open fire in order to gain time for the rest of the Eldar army to reach the combat, or distract the enemy toward a finely planned ambush. Although they sacrifice armor (the have 10 in all their sides), their fire power is amazing, specialy for such a light walker machine. They can be equipped with all kind of heavy weapons that compose the Eldar armory. If we add a great mobility, now we can understand why they are so appreciated among the Eldar leaders.

Along with the War Walker squadron, we have performed 6 Eldar Jetbikes with the same composition and colours than the ones that we painted 1 year ago. As you will see, they have the Biel-Tan Craftworld colour squeme: green and white as main colours and red and black for the details.


War Walkers use to be seen among Eldar players. Their low cost (60-70 points), good movement, variety of weapons and 5+ invulnerable save compensate that they are a heavy support option and their lack of armor.

Every War Walker has been magnetized and can carry any weapon combination. This is very handy and fits pretty well with their backstory.

Cockpit and pilot details.


These 6 Eldar Windrider Jetbike represent the speed, fiability and skills that only this race could possess.
These extremely fast jetbikes have a twin-linked shuriken catapult, what makes them a very good flanker unit, deadly against light infantry.

Flag details. It has been designed and printed by our mate Borja. 

Thanks everyone for following us. Hope you like this Eldar week as much as we enjoyed painting all these models.
Greetings from the whole crew!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


We continue our Eldar week with a new special model.
This is going to be a shorter post than the one where we showed you a Warp Spiders squad and a support weapon platform, released this Monday.

Today we have one of the Eldar special characters, a terrible psyker that has lived for more than ten human millenniums. Thanks to his accurate visions he has saved millions of eldar lifes. Always operating behind a veil of ilusions and tricks he is able to hide the presence of the Eldar from their foes. A good exaple of this is the II War of Armageddon.

As you see, we have painted him with more showy colors than the original Games Workshop scheme. We want to highlight the Ulthwé icon of his cloak, a very well performed free hand.

Monday, 10 November 2014


We start this week dedicated to the Eldar with one of their most famous fast attack units: the Warp Spiders. We have completed a nice pack of models that belong to a previous Eldar army order started in 2013. Along with this squad, we have painted an Eldar Support Weapon. Here we leave you some links where you will be able to see some older works of this army. You'll see how they maintain cohesion between them:

- Eldar Wraithlord and Windrider Jetbike squad.
- Eldar Fire Prism / Nightspinner and Vypers.
- Guardians, Striking Scorpions and Fire Dragons.

It is 10 metal Warp Spiders including their own Exarch. As you see, we have followed the original Games Workshop color scheme. We have included all kind of details such as the free hands of their helmets. 

Here you can see the free hands of their backs, drawn over the Warp Spider Jump Generator. They simulate a spider web.

Exarch, leader of the squad.

Now the support weapon. These platforms use to accompany Guardians squads in order to offer some support with heavy weapons, armory that they cannot carry with themselves. If you have followed the links at the beginning of this post, you will already know to which unit this support weapon belongs to.

Yes! The platform have been magnetized in order to exchange its different weapons.

That's all folks! Soon we will be back with another post in this week dedicated to the Eldar. What it comes next is one of their most powerful and famous character.



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