Friday, 20 February 2015


We want to start this week with this Sanguinary Priest which we have painted for one of our customers. It is the new model that Games Workshop released a few months ago. It looks pretty similar to the Bother Corbulo old miniature, the Sanguinary High Priest, but in a more static posture. On the other hand, this redesigned model is much better if we pay attention at its details and proportions.
This Sanguinary Priest is the first post of 2 that compose the whole order. Soon you will be able to see here a Blood Angels Bike unit, including a Command Squad within.

Brother Corbulo (just like this Sanguinary Priest) carries the Red Grail that contains the blood of his Primarch: Sanguinius. This important relic is part of the Ritual of Creation where the new Blood Angels are constituted. However, it also has at the same time the main Blood Angels curse and gift: the Flaw, an uncontrollable rage that loose a torrent of destruction against the enemy in the most desperate situations.  

Talking about the model, the color or the power armor fits great with the red present all over the figure. Gems and green wires create nice contrats too in order to break the monotony between the two main colors.

Frontal view and face details.

As we said before, in a few time we will upload the Blood Angels Bike squad, and we are sure that you'll like it.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Second Blood Angels post which is related with the Sanguinary Priest uploaded some days ago. Both parts compose the same order. As you see it is a unit that includes a Space Marine Bike Command Squad with a Veteran Sargeant, an Apothecary and a Veteran Standard Bearer. Also we have painted an Attack Bike.
Therefore we continue with Space Marines in our blog but this week we change the chapter: Blood Angels instead of Soul Drinkers veteran squads.

The scheme of colors used is the classic Blood Angels pattern (red and gold). Some details highlight over the red such as the blue painted in the plasma guns or the green Veteran Sargeant Power Sword. They create some light spots that call your attention. Icons performed in white fit with the snow at the bases creating an armony between them and the ground.
Do you want to see each miniature one by one? Let's begin by the Command Squad:


This Blood Angels Bike Command Squad is composed by a Standard Bearer, an Apothecary and a Veteran Sargeant. All of them carry unique details within the unit and are the main core to fight against the enemy. 

Veteran Sargeant wields a Power Sword and his bike is equipped with twin-linked plasma guns. Thanks to his experience and speed it is a terrible opponent.

Standard Bearer is the most spectacular model of the unit. Check out the whole composition. If you realise, the standard comes from the Dark Angels chapter, but painted with the Blood Angels pattern fits perfectly within the squad.

Finally, here we have the Apothecary carrying their traditional white Power Armor.


The squad core is this three Blood Angels Bikers with many weapon configurations both their bikes and hands. Chains swords and Bolt pistols are the most common weapons that these reckless warriors use to carry.


And finally, completing the squad, a Bike Attack with Heavy Bolter. This is a nice alternative in order to increase the firepower with some heavy fire.

We hope you like this week dedicated to the Blood Angels. After this, we are going to change the topic again toward something more...ghostly...
Until our next time!

Monday, 9 February 2015


A new release of the renegade Space Marines Soul Drinkers chapter has arrived this week to our blog. It is a curious order because they are not the common Space Marines that abound nowadays. They look pretty similar to the Emperor's Children traitor legion, but they have more in common with the Imperial Fists, their successor chapter. We already painted some Soul Drinkers characters, in concrete a Chaplain and a Librarian, both of them wearing Terminator armor. Let's check the squads:

Soul Drinkers are a Excommunicate Traitoris chapter due to an incident between them and the Adeptus Mechanicus during the search of a Soul Drinkers artifact called the Soulspear. That relic was a gift from their Primarch Rogal Dorn and was able to create Warp vortex. In that time, some bandids had it in their power but just in the moment when it was going to be recovered, a platoon of Adeptus Mechanicus soldiers took it. That action loosed a war that ended being the Soul Drinkers declared traitors.

*Picture taken from

After a brief explanation of these Space Marines, let us introduce you the order. We have painted 2 squads: a Veteran unit and a Sternguard Veteran squad. As you will see later, our customer has conversioned each one of his Marines (Soul Drinkers are not an official chapter) using pieces from multiple Space Marines boxes: Space Wolves, Khorne Berzerkers or even Dark Angels. After a tough work like that, it only remained our part: give them life with our brushes.


This unit of Space Marines Veternas is specialised in close combat and carry lightning claws and chainaxes. They also are equipped with jump packs in order to fall over the enemy from the skies. The heads chosen by our customer fit very well for this unit.


This unit is more specialised in missile attacks than the previous one. They have a more variety of weapons and are able to fight against all kind of enemies: light or heavy infantry, tanks,... In this case, they carry ordinary Bolters and chainswords but we can find a flameror a storm bolter.

We have wanted to show you some Space Marines independently so you can see closer all their details. For example: our customer has bought specific Soul Drinkers left shoulder pads.

These two veteran Space Marines look much more corpulent thanks to the jump packs and the size of their close combat weapons. Anyway, conversions fit great along with the violet and gold scheme of colors. In addition, those simple bases decorated with sand make the models call your attention.

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