Friday, 29 June 2012



And here it is! The Bloodthirster that we showed you in our new post about Chaos Space Marines is finally over! And we have to say that we are very pleased with the results. Since the first moment when we opened the box where the whole request was packaged, we wanted to start with it. For us it is a Warhammer's classic, one of those miniatures that you cannot wish if you like this fantastic universe. We always wanted to paint this miniatures but we never did it, sometimes due to the money, sometimes it was matter of time and sometimes because it is not part of our current armies.

However, this request has give us this chance and we couldn't leave a Bloodthirster without a proper base. 
Due to the whole army has stony and volcanic bases, his commander couldn't be different. We wanted to highlight the Bloodthirster building a base with several tiers and using a wounded loyal Space Marine who is resting and trying to hide against the wall from the Great Demon of Khorne. During the falling, the Bloodthirster has sunk the ground. Finally, we have added a couple of skulls to break the sameness of the rocks.

This Bloodthirster has the support of Lord Zhufor, commander of the World Eaters4 squads of Khorne Berzerkers with 4 Rhinos assigned such as transport for each unit. What a red tide!

We hope you like it and enjoy it as much as we did it performing this amazing miniature:  

Let's begin with the details!

Bloodthirster's weapons. First, the whip.

And second, the axe.

One of the Bloodthirster's wings. Pay attention at the nerves and horns.

Base's details: wounded Space Marine staring at the Great Demon which has just fallen beside him.
We thought that his posture against the wall bleeding out and his bolter leaned, were perfect for the scene. 

Some skulls and rocks during the falling.

Details of the leg muscles and nerves.

View from above. Check out all the skulls and the Khorne emblem that it carries between it hair. Do not miss the wings.

We are going to dedicate the last two photos to show first a general view of the back, and then, other more detailed highlighting all the skulls and muscles. Just great.

It really was worth all our efforts and the time spent in this miniature. Long time ago since we didn't enjoy like this. Now, time to continue with the rest of the Chaos request.
And course we accept all your critics and opinions.
We hope you like it.
Greetings from the whole crew!!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


One of our works for this summer is a great Warhammer 40.000 Chaos Space Marines army. It's a pretty big request: 4 Rhinos, 50 Khorne Berzerkers, 1 Khorne World Eaters Terminator Lord Zhufor of Forge World (we love this miniature). And we are not taking into account the master piece: a Bloodthirster, Great Demon of Khorne that deserves a single post in our blog when it will be finished.
For now we've assembled and primed the whole request. All the bases have been finished too. Moreover, we've already applied most of the base coats as both Rhinos and Khorne Berzerkers. But we've wanted to start directly with the Bloodthirster because it is an astonishing miniature. In the pictures we've already had done some progress with it, but at the present time it is already over. If you want to check the results, you just have to follow the next link: Bloodthirster completed. We are sure that you will like it. Now here you've got the photos so you can check out our progress. By the way, stay tuned to our blog because we will update it as soon as we advance with this huge request! 

 Bloodthirster, Great Demon of Khorne in process:

First and second unit of Khorne Berzerkers. They already have their bases and base colors done. Finally we can start with the details.

Bases destined to the third and fourth unit of Berzerkers. These bases have a stony-volcanic look and must be built and painted before the paint process starts.

Rhinos with a red base coat applied with air brush. Weapons are assembled and painted by separate. In that way it will be easier to paint them getting better results.

Saturday, 23 June 2012


As we promised, here we've got the last part of our Hell Dorado request: 2 Damned Ones of Sloth and Foulques the Black.
We've also changed the skin of Asaliah. Now it's more pale, death. We upload you the new and old version so you can compare each other.
If you want to check the first part, you just have to click the next link: Hell Dorado request part 1.

Foulques the Black. Check out all the ropes that he has around his body.

Do not miss the bag of Foulques full of limbs.

Foulques front view.

Damned Ones of Sloth: front view.

Damned Ones of Sloth: back view.

And here there are the different skins of Asaliah. In the first picture, the definitive one, much more pale. The second picture is an older version: 

We keep working everyday, until our fingers bleed!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Our last request gathers a bunch of nice HELL DORADO miniatures. It includes the damned of pride, sloth and Asaliah, the rebel angel. From now on we've finished the damned of pride and Asaliah. In a few days we'll upload a new post with rest of the damned ones of sloth. Enjoy!

Asaliah. Check out how the clothes has been painted using different tones despite is totally white.

Lesser and Greater Damned Ones of Pride.
Our customer asked us to do not include the little mirror that holds in his hand. In that way, it seems that the miniature calls the enemy to come closer.

Greater Damned of Pride. Pay attention on tendon's details.

 A pretty stylized face: "How handsome am I....".

Damned of pride:

You can check the changes that we've performed on Asaliah's skin and the Damned Ones of Sloth visiting the part number 2 of our HELL DORADO request.


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