Friday, 24 May 2013


Bjorn the Fell-Handed is a mythical Dreadnought and Space Wolves warrior. He already was a Blood Claw when the primarch of his Chapter, Leman Russ, was still alive. Bjorn leaded by himself the great hunt to find him after the burning of Prospero.
Bjorn has lived for millenniums and now it is just awaken each 1.000 years or in critical moments when his chapter needs him, like in the Defence of the Fang.


As you see is a miniature with a long background! 

This Bjorn is going to be included at the Space Wolves army that we are performing for a customer. So we have painted him with the same stone grey and the same base decoration than the rest of the army miniatures in order to keep coherence. On the other hand, we have respected the original Games Workshop colour scheme exept some extra runes and free hands. We only complain about one thing: miniature is made of Finecast and has some small damages impossible to fix with Green Stuff. Anyway, we are quite satisficed with the final results. Let's see this miniature detail by detail:

Wolf Claws details (with small free hand).

Bjorn's assault cannon. Check out extra rune and sticker. 

With a small free hand, we have changed the original Games Workshop Bjorn's icon to the 10th Great Company of Space Wolves, which is the one that our customer wants to reproduce: Ragnar Blackmane's company. Check out all the cables that surround the pilot's sarcophagus. 

Simple right leg free hand.

Dreadnought's back view. You can see both leg matallic details and snow base.

Friday, 17 May 2013


The biggest human army of 41st millennium has dropped in our blog with its very best troops: a Imperial Guard Storm Troopers unit.

As you can see, these 10 miniatures have a desertic cammo in coherence with their bases. Small green and red details of assault weapons break this ocher and dark green scheme of colours.
It is always nice painting Imperial Guard units because each model has its own details but when you put all together, they fit perfectly gaining cohesion and forming very showy squads. 

Storm Trooper Sergeant.

Storm Trooper with hellgun, plasma gun and flamethrower.

Meltagun along with Sergeants, one equipped with close combat weapon and other with plasma pistol. 

Monday, 13 May 2013


For Leman Russ and Fenris!

After three months of updating our blog with many different orders, we come back with the Space Wolves army that we are performing since last year. We have tried to paint at the same time these huge number of miniatures and other smaller projects. Just remember you that our customer wants to reproduce the 10th great company of this chapter commanded by Ragnar Blackmane.

Fans of Space Marines and Codex Astartes will be pleased. Troops of today almost follow this martial organization (you all know the Space Wolves have their exceptions). We have painted 4 complete Grey Hunters squads along with one unit of Wolf Guard Terminators.

You will see that each squad has its own shoulder pads, heavy weapons and banners. Left shoulder pads (yellow ones) are dedicated to the symbol of the company: the wolf of Ragnar Blackmane. This changes when we talk about the Wolf Guard Terminators: on their left shoulder pads have their Terminator Honors while on the right wear the company symbol. Number of squad is identified on their knees.

Bases are placed in the middle of a heavy snow, just like the rest of the army.
Another curiosity is that Grey Hunters are experienced warriors of many years of battle. According to that, we have painted a moderated level of grey hairs on their hairstyles. You can see a significant difference between Blood Claws and them.

1st Squad

1st squad banner.

Squad heavy weapons: meltagun and flamethrower 

 Squad symbol.

2nd Squad


Dedicated heavy weapons.

2nd squad symbol.

3rd Squad

All banners except first squad one are "free hands".

3rd squad symbol.

4th Squad

4th squad symbol. Check out Wulfen marks that these Space Wolves have on their heads.

Wolf Guard Terminators

Thunder hammers and company shoulder pads highlight upon the grey of the armor.

Heavy flamethrower and assault cannon.

Sergeant and Wolf Guard Terminator.

Sum: 54 miniatures (although we keep some for next updates). They have taken 3 months and more time than we expected at the beginnig. If you want to see more parts about this Space Wolves that we are painting, you just have to click on the links below:

Thanks for your time and see you all soon!

Thursday, 2 May 2013


"Indeed the very process of construction and creation foreshadows destruction and decay. The palace of today is tomorrow's ruin, the maiden of the morning is the crone of the night, and the hope of a moment is but the foundation stone of everlasting regret."
"The Lost and the Damned"

Request of today is a project of Chaos Space Marines of Nurgle with a Pre-Heresy colour scheme. In concrete, is the Death Guard traitor legion. Its Primarch, Mortarion, fought along with Horus against the Emperor of Mankind. In addition this request, has been an example of cooperation and teamwork.

It is a great project that includes a Heldrake and three Obliterators of Nurgle conversions (original miniatures are Deathshroud Terminators of Forge World). We have to say that it is the first time in our short career that we work hand to hand with one of our customers because this project had two different phases:
- Turn miniatures into Nurgle ones (boils made by Green Stuff, etc.) and magnetization.
- Painting of miniatures.

Our client was in charge of transforming his miniatures and place the magnets. The objetives of magnetizing these miniatures are different in each one of them:
- For Obliterators of Nurgle, the aim was to get two miniatures in one: exchange their arms in order to use the role of Mutilators or Obliterators.
- Heldrake was ready to be assembled in two different positions: flying and attacking.

After this huge work (he deserves our congratulations) our turn came.
It wasn't an easy task but results talk by themselves. A combined work of brush and air-brush have managed bring life to these amazing Death Guard miniatures with a Pre-Heresy colour scheme.

Do you want to see photos? Go ahead!





Check out their mutant arms and heads.

Can you count all the boils that these Mutilators have?

Of course, both heads and arms are magnetized in order to be exchanged.

With missile weapons they turn into Obliterators of Nurgle.

Their bases are a rotted swamp, perfect for Nurgle.


 Here Heldrake is flying.

Base have been made according to Nurgle: a rotted swamp. It matches in the universe of Warhammer 40K.

A nice air-brush work.

Have you seen its tail? It comes from a Dark Eldar Talos Pain Engine and it is magnetized too. A very original idea.

 Heldrake in attack position.

To place our Heldrake in its two positions, we have used a marker pen: its cap fits perfectly (we plug the marker) and we get the horizontal position.
For vertical one, we use this time the back part of the marker, that of course, fits perfectly too. An intelligent and cheap idea to solve the problem.   

We hope you enjoy these miniatures and we want to encourage all of you to start a project like this. At the end really worth it! 

Do not miss our next post about SPACE WOLVES. It will come with plenty of miniatures!


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