In A3OMÁS we have five painting levels in order to adapt our prices to your demands. Our painting style is characterized by cleanliness and accuracy in any technique applied. In addition, every model when is finished is sprayed with a FREE MATT VARNISH layer to protect the final result. 

BASIC LEVEL: in our basic level we offer a quick but clean painting, perfect to bring colors to huge armies such as hordes: Skavens, Goblins,... It also works very well with boxed games like Zombicide or the Mansions of Madness. In this level we apply a base layer (using airbrush always the models allow it) and an ink wash. Miniatures details like gems are decorated with a single white spot.


GAME LEVEL: in our game level you can find a quick and clean painting too, but the models begin to have more contrasts and lights. It is perfect for big armies that are going to be used plenty of times on the battlefields. We apply a base layer (if the models allow it we will use airbrush), an ink wash and one single layer of illumination. We pay more attention at the details: faces are decorated with eyes and mouths for example.

PREMIUM LEVEL: our premium level is the most chosen by our customers. Here you will find a perfect balance between painting quality and price. With this level your models will obtain a very fine look and it's perfect for characters, monsters or miniatures like Dragons or Heavy Tanks. An army painted with this level can be placed in your showcase and be hated by your friends. Here we apply a base layer with 2-3 colors and between 3-5 layers of lighting. It depends of each element. Details are highlighted: gems are painted with 3-4 colors + light spot, simple free hands on banners, etc. 

TOP LEVEL: an evolved level from premium. We recommend it for special monster or tanks and of course, for characters. Here you can demand some of our finest techniques and free hands.

: our last level and the most difficult to perform. Models painted in this level are simply epic. Recommended for your favourite miniatures, those that are specials in your collection or more lifes have reaped in your honor. Here we apply our most complicated techniques: Non Metallic Metal, elaborated free hands, weathered effect, glazing...


In A3OMÁS we really care about the importance of having a good assembly in your miniatures. A model with mold lines, gaps or bubbles can blur the finest result. In this process we separate from the sprue all the elements required for the assembly, removing any mold lines and filling them with green stuff. After the assembly we wash the models and let them dry for the primer.


A model without base is a naked model, that is why in A3OMAS we offer a complete repertory of different terrains to place your armies. No matter if your troops are fighting in the middle of a frozen plain or on the top of a volcano: we can represent it for you.


In A3OMAS we want to offer a complete customize service that goes beyond painting or assembly, that's why we want to cover every small detail that you can demand for your miniatures, no matter their painting level:

MINIATURES PURCHASE: we can buy your models for you in order to save some unnecessary shipping costs. Total amount must be added at the end of the budget.

MAGNETIZING: Perfect for Eldar tanks, XV8 Battlesuits, etc.

CONVERTING: ask for a quote.


PINNING: Ideal for metal miniatures or with extreme long limbs that are easy to be broken: arms, banners, whips, etc.


Our services are not limited just to the painting process. We also built customized scenes and dioramas in order to represent with all kind of details a fantastic duel or battle. We have extensive experience in this field and we can develop any scene you have in mind. If you want to have your dreamed collection, just contact us via and we will talk about all the specifications.

- We are not responsible for possible loses of damages during shipments.
- All shipping costs are covered by the customer.

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