Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Chaos remains in our blog one more week but this time we talk about Warhammer 40.000. It is the old version of the Khorne Berzerker mounted on Juggernaut. It is a compact and strong model without too much dynamism but breathes the old style and image of Games Workshop. Of course it is always nice to have orders like this one. Let's check it out:

The colors used are the Khorne typical scheme with gold and red as main colors and metallic lights for details. The base has been decorated with rocky terrain, grey and devastated. Just some dead vegetation remains around the Juggernaut.

Pay attention at the lights and shades performed with airbrush on the paws and Juggernauts body.

Here you can see closer the Juggernaut:

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


This week we are here again with a short post before we upload a serie of larger orders that are about to be completed. This Chaos Ogre has been totally built from a Beastmen Mino and comes to join with its numerous horde companions, a vile Marauders of Chaos army from the icy desets of the North:

This Ogre has its own story: in a previous post where we talked about some Marauders of Chaos mounted on Mournfangs and another Ogre among other things, we mentioned a short story about that Chaos beast. Our customer enjoyed so much that post that decided to built a "little brother" for the first Ogre.
Our customer really knows what he does. Do you like the results?

Norsemen has plenty of legends. One of the most popular tells that silly brats that get lost into the deserts of Chaos never return. Well...those rumors are not fully true. Some of those kids came back...but they weren't skinny anymore.

Saturday, 9 May 2015



The glory of Ulthuan and the High Elves have always been legendary. From their island in the middle of the Great Ocean, they have improved for milleniums all kind of arts including their feared High Magic. Nothing escapes to their spy network nor their powefull army. Feel this week the mighty presence of this elegant race with three new models that represent some of their most powerful characters:

Take a look of these magnificent models. Prince Tyrion along Althran and a Handmaiden of the Everqueen form this great order painted masterly by Santi. Soon they will join to their other elven partners as this Lothern Skycutter.
It calls your attention their unusual scheme of colors. As we can appreciate, High Elves not only look impressive in white and blue but also are great with an aggresive color such us red.
Now please relax and enjoy with us these three masterpieces:


Tyrion is the mightiest High Elf alive. He has protected Ulthuan several times from the evil Druchii and has earned for that the favor of the Phoenix King. He wears multiple magic items such as the Dragon Armour of Aenarion and wields Sunfang. If you have recently read the Games Workshop campaign The End Times, Tyrion is one of its main characters.  

Gold is the main color along with red in our customer's army. White has been applied with different bases in order to differenciate clothes and fur of Malhandir.

Our customer demanded us to remove the Dark Elf at the base and exchange it for soil with grass. We have added as well many broken object around Tyrion.


One of the best High Elves hero on foot released by Games Workshop. You all know the figure of the High Elves prince mounted on gryphon from Island of Blood. He is Prince Althran. This model was designed to be used in case the gryphon would be destroyed (something easy to happen).

As you see, we have used the same colors to get coherence with Tyrion. Again Santi has performed a fantastic job with the red and specially with white. If you realize, it starts in a very light grey and goes until pure white. You'll see it better in the picture of the shield below.

Do yo see the light grey around the icon?


Another model that was realeased with the 8th High Elves Codex. This character (which has pretty bad rules) offers a dinamic posture and inspires lightness with her fine female shapes: her hips, her tiny arms and legs... Long time ago since I get mine!

The Handmaiden is more colorful than her previous mates adding more metal and brown shades to the composition. As we said before, she is a very nice model to place in your showcase.

We are very pleased with the outcomes of this order. The same thing has expressed our customer! If you paint High Elves you must be specially careful because cleanliness is part of this race.
To sum up, we hope you enjoyed these figures as much as we did painting them.
Until our next post!

Monday, 4 May 2015


Following the last words of our previous post (Jain Zar and Howling Banshees), this week the Space Wolves return here with 3 Terminators and a Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf. They all have been painted with the classic colors of this famous Space Marine chapter.

We already have a looong experience with this army. At the begining of our times as painters, we performed some Blood Claws squads, a Scouts unit and several Dreadnoughts and characters. However, it's been nice to have the Space Wolves back. If you don't believe us, check out these 3 Terminators:

We highligh the bases decorated with snow just like the home death world of this chapter: Fenris. Our customer has wanted to include some extra elements on them like: axes, shields, hammers...They occupy the free space at the bases calling your attention and making the models more attractive.

Talking about the Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf, we have wanted for so long to face this miniature. Both wolf and lord have a threatenig posture (we love that). We have thought that a high position over some rocks could give the model even a more aggresive appearance. 

The chosen colors make the Lord more showy among his troops, in concrete among the Terminators. Grey and gold fit very well with red, as you can see in the cloak. 

Here you can appreciate better the base. Some death bushes with snow and a icicle complete this cold terrain of Fenris.

We hope you like it! Althought they are just 4 models, we have get a very nice post today. If you want an army like this...do not hesitate to send us your Space Wolves miniatures!
Don't forget to comment and cheers!


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