Saturday, 31 January 2015


Long time ago from the last beast in our blog. Lately all our models have been human sized or even smaller. Anyway, we take back the rage and fury with this Beastmen Doombull... pure Warhammer Fantasy style! You'll see what a beauty!

The whole model has been painted with dark and cold colors. Result: a pretty bleak environment perfect for a Doombull. This kind of beasts use to live among death woods or highlands where snow and frozen vegetation is common. The skin has a tamed look in order to denote its experience in battle against the enemy and the elements. At the end, a Doombull is a champion of Minotaurs!

In this photo you can see very well the rusted armor. As we said before, details have cold colors as well (horns, nails, loincloth,...) combining with the rest of the miniture.

A beast like this adquire even a more aggressive look when you place it over some rocks.

Stay tuned to our blog because we have many more great models to show you stored in our studio.
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Wednesday, 21 January 2015


A unit of the most veteran and wise dwarfs has come to our workshop this January in order to be painted. This is our new post in which you will be able to see a regiment of 9 Dwarf Longbeards:

They are metallic models form the 6th Warhammer edition, so they keep all that charm from the Oldhammer. They have been painted in a showy and solemn red colour scheme with golden details. Shields have been changed: they do not hold their old basic shields without any icon but our customer provided us a new improved ones from an unknown brand. They are much more elaborated and fit perfectly for this Longbeards. In addition, we bought 5 extra shields that belong to the current Longbeards Games Workshop box, so each dwarf has his own customized and unique shield.

Red and gold compose the main colors and grant to the unit a look of highborn status and richness. In the end, being a Longbeard is one of the highest honors that a dwarf can achieve.

Check out how many details they carry at their backs: beer pitchers, swords, daggers...

Bases have been decorated with earth and painted in greys in order to create a dark atmosphere. Our customer wants his Longbeards fighting in a mine or in the tunnels below a dwarf fortress.

Here you have a couple of photos about two dwarfs each one in solitary, so you can appreciate better all their details.

We don't want to say goodbay without remembering a post that we recently uploaded. It is about dwarfs too, but that time we painted two Dragon Slayers. You cannot leave our blog without watching it. Those models will stop your breathing.

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015


New hero that we can add to our Knightmodels collection. Here we leave you a link to the tag Knightmodels because include all the links miniature by miniature that we have painted before would be too long.
Today we have the pleasure of introduce you: Speedy!

As our customer ordered us, we have performed the original color scheme followed by Knightmodels. Speedy is almost fully red. The blue cap and the yellow borders are the most showy details. He is the partner of Green Arrow (model that we painted some time ago as well).
Roy Harper (Speedy) was adopted by Green Arrow when he was a young boy. With the years they were developing their skills and friendship and now they fight together the crime, just like Batman and Robin.

Best parts of Speedy are the boots and the quiver. The face is very detailed too, one of the most important requirements that our customer demands.

Monday, 12 January 2015


We have already published a few posts about Warhammer Dwarfs, but none of them it's as much special as this one.
The last 31th of December, Games Workshop Zaragoza had an important painting contest that gathered fans from the whole city. Taking this event as a challenge, two Grupo Afternoon painters decided to perform the same model in order to sign them on in the contest and make a step by step post about their painting processes.

The chosen miniature was the Games Workshop Dragon Slayer. One of the model won its category and was proclaimed absolute champion. Do you want to know which was the winner? You'll see it at the end of this post!


The base was created with tree bark in order to simulate some rocks.

It was primed in black and then sprayed with grey. This technique marks where the most illuminated points are located in the model.

Check out the wonderful work performed in the axe.

Legs were painted separately in order to work more comfortable and get better results in the pants.

And this is the final look:

Do you see the pants? They are one of the best parts of the model along with the axes.

 Borja decided to remove the original rock with dragon shape. Instead of that, his Dragon Slayer is jumping directly from the tree bark.


We applied the same technique than the previous Dragon Slayer, but lights were marked from other direction because this Dragon Slayer was going to be in a different pose.

In this case we did included the original dragon rock.

As you see, the bases are pretty similar, but vegetation and colors are differents.

This Dragon Slayer was painted fully assembled. Instead of painting lines, Ricardo decided to wear his dwarf with ripped pants.

We want to highlight the work performed in the eyes: they have pupils!

Ricardo painted a blonde Dragon Slayer instead of the classic red haired.

Final result:

Which one is your favourite Dragon Slayer?

Or this one:


A very deserved award...
Of course we hope you liked this post and do not miss the next one! 
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Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Look what the Three Wise Men have brought to us!
This little Epic Ork order is going to be a nice gift for our customer (it will receive it in a few days). It includes a great variety of vehicles and infantry: from the huge Mega Gargant or the pair of Gargants that we have painted to the Killa Cans or the massive infantry formations. Get ready for the Waaagh!

We had never painted before Epic models. They are very funny to paint just as we expected. Unlike Warhammer, here you have the perspective of being a real general, commanding a huge army with several kind of vehicles and infantry units.
As you see, Orks has been choosen to be the first miniatures in our Epic tag. They have been painted with a usual red, black and dark metal scheme of colors. We can highlight the scrathes in all their armour plating (Orks have never taken much careful of their look) and the bases, decorated with death vegetation.
But, not everything has been vehicles. Here you have a pic where you can see the whole mass of infantry bases. We will talk about them at the end of this post.

Let's beging with the Big Boys. This Mega Gargant is the biggest model performed in this order, comparable to the Imperial Imperator-Class Titan. It has the same height than a common 28mm Warhammer 40.000 Ork.

These effigies of the Ork idols Gork and Mork carry multiple weapons and armour plates. Do not forget that this model is a smaller scale compared with the usual 28mm. 

The next size that we find in this army are the Gargants. They are still big and very similiar to the Stompas. They carry as well many weapons, both missile and close combat.

These Ork vehicles are the spine of any Ork army and compose the main battle line against the enemy. Here is where more variety we can find: Tanks, Waggons, Flakwagons, Buggies...

Any qualified Ork army, both Epic or Warhammer 40.000, should include among its lines at least one battle walker to crush the enemy. Of course, we are talking about Dreadnoughts the Killa Cans, two of the most representative units of this army. In the photo below you can see both of them.

Dread Ork insulting the enemy before the battle begins.

We keep going down in the size of the troops. You can see now the first light vehicles, specilized in scouting the enemy and support infantry. These Koptas thanks to their light armor and great mobility are able to attack the weak points of the enemy.

Infantry needs support in many situations and the Big Guns are the ones in charge of that. Every Ork army has a special unit dedicated to artillery. Here we can see some Big Kannons and some Zzap guns.

And finally we have arrived to the most insignificant and numerous troops of the Ork army. We have painted 22 infantry bases. You can find common Orks, command groups, Gretchings, Nobz, and...yes! Board Boyz! (our favourites).

Nobz bases. They have a showy crest and wear heavy armors.

It is always nice to have Painboy and a Mek close to you in the middle of the battle. This have some Gretchins too.

This base contains a command gruop composed by: on Mek, one WarBoss, one Shaman, one Standard Bearer (que love the freehand) and a Painboy

We have wanted to compare the size of the models with a 1 Euro cent coin. As you see, they are much more smaller than the common 28 mm scale.

Ork boyz squad, the most common unit of this army.

Finally, we arrive to last kind of troops, the smallest one among the whole Orks army: Gretchins! They look adorable with their tiny spikes.

To sum up, a great order full of different models. It's been a nice change for this Christmas.

From Grupo Afternoon want to give to all of you our best whises for this new 2015 that is begining.
Thanks for you time and cheers!


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