Thursday, 31 January 2013


Today we bring you more Lord of the Rings miniatures.

This time, among some independent characters, we have 2 masterpieces. In concrete, 2 of the biggest miniatures created by Games Workshop to his Lord of the Rings range of models: the Balrog of Khazad-dûm and a Winged Nazgûl. These two astonishing miniatures have taken much time to complete them, even when they look so monochromatic. 

In addition, you are going to have the chance to see Tom Bombadil (a curious miniature), Eowyn mounted, the King of the Dead and 4 commanders of Mordor (including 2 Orc captains, a standard bearer and an Orc Shaman). Step by step we go forward with this huge request. Hovewer, we still have plenty of miniatures of the Lord of the Rings to paint!

Balrog of Khazad-dûm, Durin's bane.

Details of the flames

Fire whip details.

Base full of fire.

Winged Nazgûl
This miniature will be placed at an Osgiliath diorama

Check out the veins and lights made with aerograph of these wings.

Nazgûl stalks his prey.

Tom Bombadil
We don't know why but we love this miniature 

King of the Dead

Orcs commanders of Mordor

Mordor standard bearer

Mordor Orc Shaman

Mounted Eowin

With these miniatures we end for today, but be sure that soon we will have ready other round to show you. We don't want to say goodbye without leaving you some links to other works that we have about the Lord of the Rings:

Thanks to all you for reading us!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


We keep painting miniatures from the huge The Lord of the Rings request that we have in our workshop. This time we upload several and independent miniatures that you will recognize because most of them have appeared on the films. Specially we have completed 3 "Aragorns" in differents moments or scenes during the War of the Ring and some Nazgûls as well. In particular, the 7 Nazgûls and Aragorn at Weathertop will be included in a diorama of Amon Sûl. It just remain the 4 hobbits to finish it.

These are just a small part of what we will show you in the comming months because, as we told you in our first post about The Lord of the Rings, we are going to have the chance to paint almost the whole Games Workshop collection.
If you are interested, other posts about this subject are:

- Mines of Moria Games Workshop boxed game.
- Diorama: "the winding staircase of Minas Morgul".
- The Lord of the Rings miniatures, part II.

We are pleased to show you our new set of The Lord of the Rings miniatures:

Aragorn at The Black Gate (mounted)

Aragorn at The Black Gate (on foot)

Aragorn at The Weathertop (Amon Sûl)

Mounted Arwen and Frodo

Gandalf at Khazad-dûm

Mounted Nazgûl
This miniature will be placed in a diorama of the Bucklebury ferry.

7 Nazgûls
The ones that attacked Aragorn and the 4 hobbits at the Weathertop.

Details of the flames on a Nazgûl shoulders provoked by Aragorn to defend the hobbits.

Barrow wights

This has been all for the moment, but stay tuned to our blog! Do not miss the next miniatures that we will upload here from this and other projects that we have too. And...why not? Maybe we could have another contest like in Christmas.

Cheers to our readers!


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