Thursday, 25 December 2014


In previous posts we showed you models that were part of a painting contest that is monthly celebrated in the Games Workshop store of our city: Zaragoza. Conditions are very easy: simple and cheap models that can be transformed respecting "the heart" of the miniature (they cannot be totally changed). Among the models that our mate Borja has featured you can find:
- Space Marine Librarian.
- Cadre Fireblade.
These two miniatures and this Eldar Farseer of today are winners of this contest, privilege achieved only by few people. Just take a look. We are sure you will like it:

For this Farseer our mate has choosen as main colors green and white, in other words, a typical color scheme of Biel-Tan Craftworld. Details have been painted with a deep purple and a clear blue. Both colors contrast prefectly against green and white. As you see, the model has plenty of lightness. If we add a nice dynamic posture to the composition, we get this result:  

Pay attention at the cloak and the contrasts performed at the spear edges. 

Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Once again we are back with more servants of the dark gods. Full of transformations, muscles and brutality some of you can also get some inspiration for your own armies. It is a new delivery of... Marauders of Chaos!

Here you have the new order that we have completed. As you see it is a nice bunch of Khorne Marauders but if you pay attention, you will see that just a few bits are from the original Marauders box (exepting torsos and horses). Our customer loves to transformate his units making them uniques. For example, watch how the miniatures of today could fit along with these Marauder and Marauder Horsemen of Chaos that we painted for him a couple of months ago. They are definetly great.

Inspired on Conan the Barbarian, the backstory of our customer's army is a Norsemen tribe but a little bit evolved than the common Warhammer one, which are mainly composed by infantry and light cavalry. They live in the icy north: highlands desolated by the cold and the corrupted magic of Chaos. Why they wouldn't be able to mutate or tame wild beasts? you know any Warhammer Fantasy made of wild beasts or mountains of muscles? Yes: Ogre Kingdoms. The Ogre Kingdoms boxes are a bottomless pit of pieces for our customer that has created a pair of Marauders mounted on Mournfangs and a Chaos Ogre from the body of a Beastmen Doombull.

But...why we don't see each model one by one? In that way you will be able to see their multiple details.
Let's begin with the Marauders mounted on Mourfangs. The first thing that call you attention is the small size of the rider compared with the Mournfang. This gives to the miniature a look of brutality about what they can loose in close combat. In order to control the terrible beasts, our customer has included chains from the fangs to the hands of the Marauders.

It is great how he has combined the Ogre Kingdoms and Marauders pieces. For example, we are sure that you haven't paid attention at the different size of the torsos and the legs (that belong to an Ogre). The spear comes from the Ogres standard bearer.

The second Mournfang is pretty similar to the first one, but the posture changes a bit. As you see the horns painted in yellow and white and the red of Khorne highlight over the grey present in the most part of the model. The base has been decorated according to the backstoy of the army: snow.

Norsemen has plenty of legends. One of the most popular tells that silly brats that get lost into the deserts of Chaos never return. Well...those rumors are not fully true. One of those kids came back...and he wasn't skinny anymore.

This great conversion of a Beastmen Doombull has multiple Ironguts, Mournfang cavalry and Warriors of Chaos bits. Ogres use to go to battle along with the tribes of Marauders, and they are very appreciated by their chiefs: how a barbarian couldn't want a pure mass of iron and muscles among his lines?.

A "soothing" glaze. 

Keeping the same dynamic of previous orders, our customer has ordered us three more Marauder Horsemen. They have been painted in the same way than the firts ones: horses with different colors, red Khorne armors and snowy bases. Result? Judge by yourselves:

A curiosity: the head of this Marauder rider belongs to a Blood Angels Sanguinary Guardian. It fits nice, don't you think?

And finally in order to complete his Marauder unit, our customer wanted four more Marauders on foot. As you will imagine, they are all transformed. Just to name something: legs and heads are from old Warriors of Chaos.  

Hope you like these models as much as we like them! It is great to see what you can get with some motivation and a great variety of pieces. If you add to this blend a good painting, you can get amazing models. Try it at home!


Monday, 15 December 2014


It's been a long time since we published the post LOTHERN SKYCUTTER PART 1.
After that post, we added another one in which you could see a short video with more advances of this great model (see video here).

In addition, you can watch all Lothern Skycutter videos in our Youtube channel.

We have magnetized the model in order to get all its possible configurations including the Eagle Eye Bolt Thrower and the Lothern Sea Helm. We have to say that it's been a tough project: High Elves always requiere a lot of time.
In this order we can highlight the work done with the boat and the faces of the crew.
Do you want to see some pics?

 General overview. Here you can see the crew, the Swiftfeather Roc, the whole chariot and even the base.

Lothern Skycutter with Eagle Eye Bolt Thrower.

Swiftfeather Roc details.

Skycutter with a Sea Guard.

In the general perspectives you can see that red is the main color in this miniature.

Another member of the Lothern Skycutter crew, this time armed with bow.

 Lothern Sea Helm mounted on Skycutter. It looks great!

The bearer has been flatten with some putty and painted with a free hand in both sides. Do you like it?

Here you can see some details of the base.

It's time to say goodbye. Thanks for reading and see you all soon! Lights off...

Thursday, 4 December 2014


Our last order has been a Plaguebearers of Nurgle unit, in concrete the last models that Games Workshop released for these daemons. With the campaign the End of Times and all its backstory changes with Glottkin and more recently Khaine, Chaos is the lastest fashion and specially Nurgle. So, which moment could be best for painting a unit like this?

The chosen scheme of color is...well...putrid, with yellow, green and magenta shades for entrails. Everything is very organic. Swords have been painted with a black base and illuminated just in the edges with a medium grey light. As you see, Plaguebearers look pretty disgusting but...aren't all the sons of Nurgle like that? Everyone brings good details such as the guts hanging from their bellies, pustules or skin tears. They are better models than the old Plaguebeares, which were almost the same with identical postures.

Another detail: the base. That brown color along with the dead shrubbery fit great with these daemons that only leave diseases and putrefaction wherever they walk.

Thank you for reading and hope you like this Nurgle daemons. Soon we will be here again with more models to show you!


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