Friday, 28 September 2012


Between different request that we have, we want to show you a small conversion that one client asked us. He sent us a metallic miniature of a Van Saar Leader of Necromunda (specialist in weapons and technology) and a Vindicare Assassin with Exitus Pistol from Grey Knights.

The idea was to cut off the original Van Saar miniature's head and change it for the Assassin's one and replace the Exitus pistol for a generic Bolt Pistol. Moreover, we used a file tool to erase some Imperial icons from weapons and different parts of the uniform, a couple of tubes from chest and back and polish all the shoulder's area to set the new Van Saar head. For the Assassin we had to desing with green stuff new shoulder and knee pads and improved on the unions of the head and the Bolt Pistol wrist.

Here you have got the reference of how the Assassin was at the beggining and it should look finally transformed in a Van Saar leader. 


Then we painted the miniature following the instructions that our client provided us. As a detail, we want to tell you that the miniature had no base, so after consulting his owner, we created that rusted and dirty environment that a futuristic hive city could have. This has been the result:

Now photos about the conversion process at the moment where the head and the Bolter Pistol were replaced on the Assassin's miniature.

Finally we want to show you how shoulder and knee pads were created and how the miniature still unpainted was with his new accessories.

 Van Saar ready to loot the hive city and kill other gangs!


Monday, 17 September 2012


Fast blog update today about an uncommon miniature from the french brand WarForge. This commissioner has been inspired by the II World War russian uniforms and perfectly can command a Warhammer 40.000 Imperial Guard squad to avoid that all those buck privates run away when they see some Tyranids or a few Orks.
However, this time a customer wanted to have a detail with a good friend of him, and decided that this curious and  showy miniature was perfect for a gift. We took our brushes and prioritized this Viktoria Skivlana:

If you are interested, here there is another great version of this miniature placed in a diorama where Viktoria Skivlana is fighting against the Hordes of Chaos.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Chaos miniatures are still invading our workshop! The last work that we have performed is an amazing Chaos Decimator Daemon Engine of Forge World. Due to the release of the new set box Dark Revenge, one of our most important customers has recovered the interest in Warhammer 40K and has decided to start a new army: Chaos Space Marines. It can be something better than this glorious killing machine to start?

This Decimator is equipped with a Butcher Cannon and a Siege Claw.
Bigger than a Dreadnought, this miniature looks great due to his huge weapons, his size and his details like the daemonic icons on his armor or all the electric wires on his back.

Our customer wanted a dark base, something grey and desolate. Perfect for a machine which only brings death. Enjoy!

Here you can see the details of the base. We wanted to elevate the miniature to give him the relevance that a 10.000 years old machine deserves.

Commig soon we will upload a couple of projects which we are working on right now. What will come after?
We prefer to left you wanting.

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Today we want to update our blog with a new project that we are performing and enjoying. Moreover, it's special for the exclusive miniatures that compose this request. We do not use to paint a complete Space Hulk set box everyday!

It's been a while since "Games Workshop" launched these miniatures for the Space Hulk 20 anniversary. We didn't buy any box in that moment, but now, fortunately with more resources and experiences, it's something that we really repent.

Today, we bring you the Blood Angels Terminator squads. If we had an army of them, be aware that our Terminator squads would be these miniatures. Their variety of weapons, details and the dinamism of their postures make these miniatures almost real. We have included electric wires and steel plates on their bases to represent the ground of a spacecraft, the common scenario where they use to fight.

On the other hand, we have already finished the other part of this request: 23 Genestealers, a Librarian Lexicanum Calistarius and a dead Terminator on a throne that complement the Space Marines that we show you in this post.

By the moment let's see what's your opinion about these 2 Terminator squads:

Both squads.

Brother Sargeant Gideon

Brother Sargeant Lorenzo

Brother Noctis

Brother Scipio

Brother Goriel

Brother Omnio

Brother Claudio

Brother Valencio

Brother Denio

Brother Leon

Brother Zael

We hope you enjoy these great miniatures. We are always pleased to receive your opinions.

Cheers from the crew!


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