Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Those who follow us often already know that we are working on Batman Arkham City miniatures from the spanish company Knight Models. This month we bring you a new delivery.
Now it's the turn for Riddler and Catwoman.

Who doesn't know Riddler? This supervillain was performed by Jim Carrey in Batman Forever.

On the other hand, everybody knows Catwoman. She started as a simple thief but evolved to become a heroine who defends Gotham City against the crime.

Which is your favourite one?


Riddler carries his stick, both finely painted.


Catwoman is much more sexy with her lips painted.

We have prepared for you a lot of surprises. Stay tuned for the next entry, which will be one among the following:

- The Mansion of Madness miniatures.
- Eldar.
- Blood Angels.

What it will be? Visist our blog and you will find it out!

Thursday, 11 July 2013


A curious band of Chaos Space Marines has dropped in our blog this week. We are talking about a complete squad of Slaanesh Noise Marines. As use to be common, most of these evil Marines are from the Emperor's Children traitor Legion, and that's exactly the Pre-Heresy colour scheme that we have used on them: purple and golden tones.

These models have some conversions made by our customer: you can see some MKII Crusade Armours between these miniatures. He has also used upgrade kits to equip his Chaos Marines with sonic weapons: 6 Sonic Blasters and one Blastmaster. In addition, there are other elements included in the upgrade kits: shoulder pads, power weapons, helmets... All these uncommon parts makes this squad really special, something that you won't see often on the battlefields. We can say that it is a very customized army.

If you pay attention at their colours, you will see that they have been chosen very wisely. Weapons painted with that electric blue really highlight over the rest of the elements. On the other side, they are painted with dark colours (purple and golden tones mostly) that fit perfectly each other and give that appearance of evil. Small details such as the extreme pale skin or yellow eyes suggest that point of madness that these Chaos Space Marines have on their minds. Enjoy!

Noise Marine with Blastmaster.

Noise Marine with Sonic Blaster.

Check out the skin and the eye of this Chaos Space Marine.

Noise Marine with Power Weapon. We have painted the sword in coherence with the rest of the sonic weapons.

Noise Marines Centurion with power weapon.

 Do not miss the details of the shoulder pad nor the blade.

Summarizing, a very customized and original work. However it has taken more time than we expected at the beginning. Anyway, we are pleased with the result as well as our customer and that's what matters!


Monday, 1 July 2013


Summer is here and with him we retake our brushes one more time. The first order completed consists in a Imperial Guard squad with some heavy weapons platforms, everything created by our customer with extra pieces of other units. In addition, we have painted an Ordo Xenos radical Inquisitor. And it has a really original background. He is followed very close by his henchmen: a Karskin warrior, the elite of the Imperial Guard; a renegade Space Marine, an Eldar bodyguard, a Sister of Battle and a Vindicare Assassin. It has remembered us the novels of the Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn: Malleus, Xenos and Hereticus.

Miniatures chosen to be part of the Inquisitor retinue are very original. Each one of them can play a role that fits perfectly with their backgrounds. If we add a wise scheme of colour, we get this nice band. Other detail to take into account is the desertic decoration at their bases. It has a clearer colour than the uniforms, which highlight the miniatures in order to call your attention upon them. 

Inquisitor whit his retinue.


Renegade Marine.

Sister of Battle.

Eldar bodyguard.

Vindicare Assassin.

Karskin soldier.

Now we focus on the Imperial Guard squad. The whole unit has been created with leftover parts very well used, completemented with some Green Stuff modeling works. It includes ten Imperial Guards and 4 heavy weapons platforms: 

Unit officer.

Heavy weapons platforms:

This is the first order that we have completed, but we have other in process. Soon we will be back with more of them!


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