Tuesday, 23 June 2015


New miniature from Knightmodels, courtesy of one of our most older and beloved customers. This Thor in 35 mm scale is the first Marvel model that paint (we have always painted Batman figures from DC Comics). The painter has performed a really nice work, getting very realistic cenital lights specially at the armor and skin.
What a beauty to place in a showcase!

Check out how every single piece in the armor have lights from black to white. In addition the cloak has been painted very well, applying multiple progressive red lights. Hope you like it!

This models is very dinamic and that helps to get even better results.

Let's us post you here a link to our tag "Knight Models". In there you will find very nice works and master pieces. Enjoy! 


A very special post comes today to our blog.
Our customer continues his Deathwatch miniature collection. The Ordo Xenos choose its Marines from the best warriors of each chapter from all over the galaxy in order to defeat the xenos enemies of the Imperium of Man. Theses 9 models have been transformated by our customer and are completly unique: you will be able to see multiple details such as Deathwatch shoulder pads, Adeptus Mechanicus servitors, Space Marines from different chapters, etc.
It is not the first time that we perform miniatures from this misterious Inquisition chapter. Take a look to this Inquisitor, Deathwatch marines and some Soul Drinkers from a previous order:

- Soul Drinkers, Inquisitor and Deathwatch Marines.

For this order we have painted 4 Marines: one from the Blood Angels, one from the Imperial Fists chapter, another from the Black Templars and a Devastator from the Dark Angels. In addition, they have support from an Ultramarines Apothecary, a Techmarine, an Archmagos from the Adeptus Mechanicus and two Servitors. You are going to see plenty of colors and weapons.
What it really makes these models great is the personal touch of our client. He has inspired the Dark Heresy spirit to his models: a very personal work that we have performed as if would be ours.


Techmarines are both great warriors and wise engineers that take care and understand the machines, weapons and devices that their brothers use in battle. In this case we have the typical black Deathwatch power armor along with the red colour from the Adeptus Mechanicus.  


 Archmagus are the high lords of the Adeptus Mechanicus in Mars and can be experts in many matters. The one of today comes from an old model. It looks pretty similiar to the miniatures released by GW some months ago.

Accompanying the Archmagus there is always some Servitors like the one you can see below:


An apothecary is a battle-brother who serves as a combat medic and recovers the chapter gene-seed, basic when a new Space Marine is formed. Out of the battle, they preserve that gene-seed pure from mutations in order to ensure the chapter future. The one of today belongs to the Ultramarines. 


Finally here we have the brave Marines that compose this misterious chapter. All of them have the Deatchwatch icon on its left shoulder pad and wear black power armor and red weapons. This first Space Marine belongs to the Imperial Fists:

 Deathwatch Marine from the Dark Angels with heavy flammer.

This battle-brother comes from the Blood Angels.

A Deathwatch Marine from the Dark Templars awaits the enemy with his Heavy Bolter.

We are always please to perform such a personal project with multiple details and transformations. Having your own unique collection of models is the best part of this hobby. You should try to send us your own projects and who knows...maybe one day your miniatures will be here!
Regards from the whole crew!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Marauders of Chaos return one again wreacking havoc at any place they reach and this time they bring savage beasts with them in order to threat the Old World. Thanks to the great hability of our customer to transformate his models, we can offer you this petite collection composed by a Stonehorn (but it has been tamed and is driven to the battle by some humans), 10 Marauders and 2 Chaos Warhounds, everything customized by our client. Our recomendation is clear: stay here and enjoy these great miniatures!

It is not the first post that we publish about this unique Marauder of Chaos army inspired on the old Conan the Barbarian interpreted by Arnold Swarzeneger. We have already posted here some other great works where you will be able to find:
- Chaos Ogre.
- Mournfang Cavalry, another Chaos Ogre and Marauders.
- Marauder and Marauder Horsemen of Chaos.

Every model wears the classic Khôrne scheme where red, gold and leather are the main colors. Our customers demanded a cold and desolated environment and realistic colors. The Stonehorn below is perfect to appreciate this. The other bases haven't been performed because our client himself wanted to decorate them.

Without doubt, the painter has performed a really nice work on the horns of the beast, famuos for its devastating charges. One of our favourites Ogre Kingdoms models.

In this picture you can see closer the Stonehorn skin and many other details that it has such as shields or different armor pieces. In addition you can appreciate the base, decorated with grey earth and covered by snow. Some bones from a dead animal are buried among the ice.  

One of the Chaos Marauder champions commands the beast. Althought they are excellent warriors, they look pretty small mounted on the Stonehorn. We think that is a funny and original idea that these barbarian tribes have been able to tame beasts in order to use them at war. 

Now let's focus on the unit of Marauders of Chaos that our customer has conversionated from different bits: Beastmen, Marauder Horsemen, Warrior of Chaos even Blood Angels and Space Wolves bits compose sometimes theses special miniatures.

We have wanted to divide the unit in two so you will be able to check them out better. Worth it.

Finally, Marauders of Chaos never go to war without their hounds. Our customer has represented them with two Chaos Warhounds. Due to their excellent smell, they can detect their preys milles away.

To sum up, we want to say that has been a really nice order. We have enjoyed painting these models, specially the Stonehorn. It is a model that we have always wanted to upload in our blog. Your models can look as impressive as these ones too. Just contact with us and we will give you all the information you need.
See you in our next post!

Thursday, 4 June 2015


Batman, the Dark Knight and hero of Gotham is our KnightModels miniature of this month. Althought it is a model practically black, it looks great on its thematic base. Batman is watching the city while the wind waves his cloak on top of a roof. Without doubt his pose has been very well designed as the spanish brand use to do.

We have dedicated plenty of time in the grey lights that are the most part of Batman. This is not easy because they must be faint and soft to make them as much real as possible. 

Here you can see Batman closer. The model has been painted very clean. For example, check out how the mouth and face has been performed.

Another miniature that our customer will be able to add to his large KnightModels collection. And he has chosen a really nice one this time! Definetly many of us would like to have a collection like this!

Monday, 1 June 2015



There it is because 2 terrible alien beasts created only to destroy are the two miniatures that we have painted: a dreadful Carnifex and a Zoanthrope. Both show very well the philosophy of this army: the supreme adaptation and combination between brutality and psychic powers. So we invite you to stay and enjoy these two masterpieces:

As you see, these Tyranids call your attention due to the chosen colors. If you already follow us from a time we are sure you can remember more aliens with this scheme. Otherwise, let us refresh your memory:
Our customer is getting step by step a nice horde of Tyranids. We always say it as a curiosity because
the combination of colors is pretty odd. If you check the section "army of the month" within the White Dwarf #213, you will find an army with the same scheme which has been the inspiration to perform these models.
Another point: they don't have their bases completed. That's an explicit request from our customer that loves to decacorate by himself all his model bases.  


Let's begin with the giant of chitin, bones and muscles. The Carnifex is one of the most powerful tyranid creatures and well respected by all their foes. They have high strength, resistence and wounds, perfect to charge against vehicles.

We really like the combination of different claws that our customer has chosen for his Carnifex. They give them a brutal appearance.

In this photo it is shown closer all the fine lines and progressive changes of color made in the chitin armor. Check out how it goes from Scorched Brown to Bleached Bone in the most external points where the light is more intense.


The Zoanthrope is a beast created by the Hive Mind in order to control their armies when they are far from its psychic aura. Althought they are slow and weak in close combat, they are capable to launch a formidable psychic power in the battlefield. In addition, their 3+ ward make them very resistent.

Without doubt we love the contrasts between bronw, green, yellow and pinks colors.

Doesn't this Zoanthrope reminds you the Alien Queen?

If you like these two tyranid xenos you will enjoy our blog this month because we are about to upload some very nice models. KnightModels will return and also an old army very common here directly from the deserts of the North...
Stay tuned!


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