Friday, 30 March 2012


Shades are ready for the battle, stealth and relentless.
This idea was originally made from Alberto, one of the shop assistants of Games Workshop Zaragoza. Alberto, if you are reading this: it's a great idea!. Basically conversion is to replace the Mandrake's original swords and add a crossbow at the other hand. In this way we get a really cool Shades unit, easy and quick. We leave some pictures where you can check it out:

Saturday, 24 March 2012



Saturday, 10 March 2012


These images come from a new request. They are two Blood Bowl Norses and we are really enjoying with this miniatures.
Each one has been performed in a single paint sesion due to the customer needed them in a few days. You just have to check the outcomes:

Friday, 2 March 2012


Bowmen already finished 

Greetings! Today, we've finally ended a request that we received certain time ago and due to his size, it has taken a little while. For us, this month has been definitely the month of... Bretonnia!!...for the Lady!.
It has been long painting sessions where the three of us tried our best, and we truly love the results. We hope all of you too!
We want to show you in this post the whole process since we started with the units until we've finished them. At the begining of the month we decided to focus our first steps in Pegasus to then paint two units of Peasant Bowmen. Our last miniatures were the heroes (a Bretonnian hero and a Battle Standard Bearer).
For all who like the hobby and specially for the romantic ones who love heraldic, we are pleased to show you our Bretonnian miniatures!

View that includes the Pegasus Knights, standard bearer's horse and a Bretonnian Hero.
As you can see, Pegasus are nearly completed and they just need the last details.

Pegasus Knights overview where you can check out the wings details. At the bottom, some Peasant Bowmen just primed.

Primed Peasant Bowmen ready to be painted. We've just applied the first layer of red, tone that will serve as army color scheme for these units. The bases have the first details as well.  

Pegasus Knights have been finished!

Now it's turn for the Peasants!
Here you can see an overview of the whole army. Check that both units of Bowmen have been painted with different schemes of color, but leaving a common motive (brown clothes and red color) to give them cohesion.

Yellow team! Finished Peasant Bowmen ready to play.

Blue Team. This unit is already starting to take color.

After hours of work, the Bowmen units are almost completed. They just need a few more details and will be ready to march towards the battlefields.

Holding the formation:

And finally...with they are: ¡Peasant Bowmen done!

And now...details!

Yellow unit command group.

Yellow Standard bearer.

Musician (pay attention at the sticks...yes, frogs!)

Musician back's details. A good beer before the battle begins is always nice!

Blue unit command group:

And now the last part: both heroes.
First we've completed the hero with axe. At the begining we uploaded a photo of OUR hero to show you how it would look. This is the one which belongs to our customer already performed.

And the last hero, the Battle Standard Bearer. We really like it.

And finally an overview of the whole request, already painted and finished ready for the battle. We are sure that our customer will win many! The Dice's god use to be benevolent with well-painted armies.

That's all for now. We just hope you like it as much as we enjoyed paiting this army. After hard work, watch the miniatures finished on the table and looking like that makes you feel great.
And of course we accep suggestions and opinions from everybody. Leave us any comment you want!
Cheers from the whole Team!


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