Sunday, 19 April 2015


The Phoenix Lord Jain Zar has arrived to stay along with a deadly Howling Banshees squad, Aspect Warriors experts in close combat. In fact they are just in time due to the release this last weekend of the new Eldar codex.
These models do not form the whole order. We have painted 10 Warp Spiders too. They were exactly the same in scheme of color and number to a previous squad that we performed some time ago. We don't want to repeat content in our blog so we have dediced to don't uploaded them. But, if you are curious and want to check them out anyway, just click on the link with their name.
Well, stay around here and enjoy these wonderful and dynamic models:


The Phoenix Lord Jain Zar is one of the most ancient Aspect Warriors personaly trained by Asumern himself in order to build the sacred temples that would teach to the rest of the Eldar the Path of the Warrior. Deadly in close combat, she has no comparison with the other Howling Banshees.

The combination of white, red, purple and blue doesn't fit bad. It is not a typical Eldar scheme but it is trully effective.

This is just a sample of the 10 Howling Banshees that we have performed in this order. Their postures reflect their race nature and combat style. We always imagine them jumping, dodging and slicing in the middle of the battlefield.

In order to highlight their mighty Power Swords, we decided to apply on them some layers with airbrush. They look good, don't you think?

This unit Exarch carries two Power Swords that she uses in a whirlwind of death. Take a look at her feets: she is jumping over a Marine's head!

Without doubts some great models that our customer will show with pride.
Our next post will be about Warhammer 40.000 too. We will travel to the frozen surface of a death world called... Fenris!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


And finally here we have the last two promised models. If we add Aenur, Josef Bugman and the dwarf adventurers, we get an epic order of ancient Games Workshop miniatures, something that without doubt is a privilege, both painters and model's owner.
Today: the old figurine of Nagash the Great Necromancer and a Truthsayer, exclusive model released by Games Workshop for its campaign Shadows over Albion in the year 2001.


Let's begin with Nagash, that great Necromancer and first Undead in the Warhammer universe. As everybody knows, during the last Games Workshop global campaign (The End Times), the company launched a new Nagash model, much more epic, giant and impressive than the old one. However, the ancient miniature was one of the biggest and espectacular of its period too. 100% oldhammer, we are sure that will bring good memories to the oldest Games Workshop fans.

Take a look of every single detail that Nagash has (a nice bunch of them btw). Maybe it is not much impressive now, but this was one of the biggest models of Games Workshop during the Warhammer 4th and 5th edition.

We specially like here the crosier and the blade.


Another miniature that we are in love with. The warriors from the island of Albion (Truthsayers) are poweful mages that are twinned with the nature. Look what a wondeful model. Caution! Take into account that was modeled at least 14 years ago.

Santi has perfomed the skin and the wood of the crosier perfectly, don't you think?

We don't want to forget the base that our customer has choosen for his Truthsayer. A ruins covered by vegetation is a great environment for a druid.

Finally and as a curiosity, we want to show you a photo of the whole order all together. As you see we have been very lucky because it is hard to find such a bunch of great, funny and old models. We encourage you all to send us your old miniatures. Leave us to paint them and you will get as great outcomes as the ones you can see below:

Thanks for reading and do not forget to comment!

Monday, 13 April 2015


As we told you in our previous post about Josef Bugman and the dwarf adventurers, some popular models complete our customer's order. Today, Aenur the Sword of Twilight, one of the best Mordheim merceneries and deadly swordsman, arrives here.

Aenur follows the original Games Workshop scheme of color when in 1999 this company launched Mordheim. He even appears in the 6th edition High Elves codex within the 'Eavy Metal section. The legend tells that Aenur is a wandering Shadow Warrior prince.
Althought the cloak doesn't follow the traditional Shadow Warrior colors, the rest of the equippment does. Aenur wears pretty light clothes and armor, allowing him to move very quick. 

Check out the base as if he would be in the city Mordheim.

The shadows and lights performed at the cloak hve been very well done.

This Aenur is very well painted but we have another one already done. We are preparing a special base for him. When it be ready we will upload it and you will see what a beauty! We just have to find some free time.
In the meantime, soon we will come back with the last two models that complete this order. Are you going to miss them?

Tuesday, 7 April 2015


New post about dwarfs and we certain come back with some special ones.
Josef Bugman and a troupe of Games Workshop dwarf adventurers arrive to our blog in order to show you some of the most lovely models we have ever uploaded. They will surprise you!

Each one of these models is a little masterpiece by itself. As we have already said to our customer, we are in love of them due to their sympathy and simplicity. Without too much details, they can make you smile. Of course, we have to recognize the masterly work performed by Santi, their painter. He has achieved that most of the models are better painted than the original ones (specially Bugman). 


We want to start with the most famous model: the ancient brewmaster Josef Bugman. His old brewery was destroyed by a Goblin tribe and his precious ale stolen. Since then he fights restless to honor his dead partners and lost beer.

Check out how clean Bugman and all the other dwarfs have been painted. The beard and face are prefect along with the axe lights. Do not miss the shield neither. 

Finally, we couldn't leave this model without remarking the bannner. It is completely homemade. The design, pattern, drawing and of course painting has been all made by Santi. He is an artist. 


A very old miniature from 1997 launched for the campaing the Grudge of Drong. She is a dwarf queen and the last of her lineage. To have a model like this is privilege. Our customer is very lucky!


The first of these intrepids dwarfs is the Samurai. He wears the characteristic Nippon armor and his beard follows the culture of this exotic country.

This is without doubt our favourite adventurer!

The next in the list is a dwarf with a treasure map. Check out how Santi has painted it including every single detail: a river, some lines, a cross that indicates where the treasure is...

The dwarf mage (what?) possess a crystal ball in order to gaze the future of the expedition. If you pay attention, it has been painted with a final layer of glossy varnish and looks like it is transparent.

A dwarf on stilts is our last character and one of the most endearing. What a happy face he has! Now he is as tall as a human! 

We want to tell you that these are not all the models that compose the order. We have reserved two and they will have each one its own post. Due to their popularity and level of paiting they deserve it. If you want to know which models are...stay tuned to our blog!

Greetings from the whole crew!


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