Thursday, 30 July 2015


Possibly one of the best models we have ever painted in months. This gigantic Spider has been our master piece during this July in our workshop. This Arachnarok has been very funny to perform (the assembly was not so funny XD) and thanks to its scheme of color, multiple details, Goblins and the base we have created, this model is one of the most impressive works we have ever done. Thanks to our customer too and for your confident. Let us explain how we painted this Arachnarok: 

We say it is one of the best models we have ever performed because our Arachnarok won this past weekend the Games Workshop Zaragoza annual painting contest in the category of Vehicle/Monster. 

When our customer contacted us for the first time, he only had some unclear ideas about the whole composition and the scheme of color. Our customer wants his model to show it in a showcase so we recommended him to assembly as much elements as the model allows including Goblins, little spiders, wooden structures on its belly, decoration at the base, etc. And so we did! Just check out the picture below to see how many details the base has:

But the scheme of colors was still unclear. Our customer purposed some orientative schemes with transitions from black to warm colors but they weren't too good. Anyway, what we liked from those pictures were the yellow elements painted on the spiders and we quickly realized that a yellow spider with black spots could be something very showy. Then we took some references from real spiders, we loaded our air brush and this is the result:

The whole wooden structure and the Goblins were the most easy things to perform because they have more classical colors. As we placed as much elements as we could, the composition is very chaotic and confusing, something very typical in Golins...

In these pictures below you can check out the Forest Goblin Shaman surounded by all its Goblin horde. The feathers tips have showy colors that offers some alternative spots to look at, making the composition more fun and complete.

We love the postures and details of these green devils.

Finally, we want to show you closer the Arachnarok eyes and face that are very natural but effective and aggressive at the same time. 

This is without doubt those kind of models that you miss when they leave the workshop. We would like to keep it for our own "Hall of Fame" but unfortunately is it an order...and we are sure that our customer is going to be very happy we he receive his Arachnarok. 
And what about you? Would you like to see your models painted like this spider? Go ahead and you won't repent!

Sunday, 26 July 2015


The Necrons conquer our blog for the very first time with a couple of their most deadly mechanical inventions. The old Necrtontyr are weakening once again all over the galaxy in order to recover their ancient power. Fear them!

But do not think the Necrons of today are the typical grey and green ones. Our customer demanded us a very nice scheme of color: we have painted the armor with white and soft brown shades in order to simulate ceramics. The rest of the details are in metallic tones along with Green Scorpion (softer than the common Necrons), lightning blue and orange. Every single part in each model conforms a very untypical but effective scheme that transmits plenty of energy to this Necron assault force:


The Ghost Ark is the most common assigned vehicle within the Necron armies. It takes the fallen Necron warriors to deliver them to the closest Monolith or deploy them back into the battlefield once they are repaired again. A beautiful model full of details. 

Check out how the Necrons inside the Ark are being repaired and how the painter has performed the ceramic plates and metallic elements.

Ghost Ark pilot.

The Ghost Ark has a control panel that would be impossible to understand for a common human. In addition here you can check out some damages caused by the enemy painted in the ceramic plates.


These powerful machines are commanded by a Necron Triarch Praetorian and are incredibly agile. Their primary weapon is the deadly Heat Ray and is protected by layered Quantun Shielding.

Triarch Stalkers have a nice bunch of luminous elements and cables. Without doubt, the picture below is great.

In the comming weeks is going to be a lot of things to see here. We have many orders to show you and this weekend 25th July Games Workshop Zaragoza has celebrated its painting contest and we have inscribed plenty of great models and dioramas. Do you want to discover the results? Who is the winner? If you want to know this and many other things....stay tuned to our blog!!

Friday, 17 July 2015


The post of today is dedicated to Nurgle with this Chaos Lord mounted on Chaos Chariot. This powerful Nurgle's lord handles a huge two handed weapon and has a terrible daemonic face. The chariot will be the terror of our customer's foes because within the competitive Warhammer Fantasy these kind of units compose most of the Chaos basic troops due to their movility, low cost in points, wounds, strenght and armor. Let's take a look of it: 

The horses have been very nice modeled and you have plenty of pieces to assembly your own chariot. For example, there are bits from all Chaos Gods and variety of weapons. Chaos Lord has been magnetized so our customer can place him mounted on the chariot or just on foot on his 25x25mm square base. In the chariot base you can see many weapons, limbs and torsos as if would have charged against an infantry unit. This was the only proposition of our client and we tought it was a very good idea.

The chariot has a chipped texture with blood splashes all over the armor, something easy if we think about how these warriors use to live. In addition these red spots make you pay attetion on many different parts of the charior such as the horns, wheels, etc. 

The colors used have been always dark and weathered: rust, putrid green, gold and metallic tones without bright or plenty of dark grey or even pure black.

Here you can see the Nurgle Lord on his 25x25mm base. We have chosen the biggest weapon and the most terrible face in order to show the blessings of his God.

It is always nice to change and perform different orders. We hope you enjoyed this model as much as we did painting it.
Thanks for reading and cheers from the whole team!


Our first Dark Angels post in our blog comes with 3 spectacular models from the Dark Vengeance boxed game: one Company Master, one Librarian and the exclusive Chaplain that you can find only purchasing this Warhammer 40.000 set.
In addition we will upload every month more Dark Vengeance models because the whole order includes all the Dark Angels miniatures in the box:

As you see, they have been painted with the original scheme of color, something that our customer demanded us. The bases have been decorated with earth and some destroyed metallic rests. These are high quality models with plenty of details and their exclusivity make them even more specials. We haven't wasted this chance and today we bring you 3 characters painted in our premiun level with some details that you will love:


This exclusive Chaplain from Dark Vengeance is the first character that we will show you here. He follows the classic chaplain scheme: black power armor and a skull-visaged helmet. He wears his sacred Crozius Arcanum and his green cloak identifies him as a Dark Angel Space Marine.


This is one of the 10 Dark Angels Company Masters if we except the Deathwing and Ravenwing companies. His defiant posture wearing his power sword makes him the perfect character to command your tactical squads. Do not miss the sword!


Our last model is this Librarian that also follows the basic patrons of his order: blue power armor with green shoulder pads that identify him as a Dark Angel. We do like the posture releasing some psychic power although is starting to be typical in this kind of miniatures.

Here you can check out the power sword and some armor details.

As we said before, every month we will upload some pics about Dark Vengeance models. Next ones will be the Ravenwing Bike Squadron.
Thanks for reading and cheers from the whole team!

Sunday, 5 July 2015


For those who followed our last post and wanted to see which model was left to accompaign the Longbeards Command Group, finally here is this Dwarf Lord from Mom Miniatures.
This spanish brand has surprised us due to their range of models (very wisely choosen), the dinamysm of their figures and their cheap prices. Althought their resin has not the best quality, you can get great results investing some time on them:

The model has a nice posture on the head of a dead giant. Here you can see the shield details.

Check out how we have performed cenital lights on the armor and clothes. Do not miss the sliced giant neck.

We have dedicated some extra time on the skins both Dwarf Lord and giant.

And finally here you can see how the whole order looks: Dward Lord and Longbeards all together.

Saturday, 4 July 2015


During the last months we painted to our customer some Dwarf characters and a 6th Warhammer Fantsy edition Longnbeards unit, and now, he has wanted to enlarge his collection with the command group.
As is usually on his orders, he has wanted to make unique his models by adding some extra dwarfs that don't originally belong to the Longbeards but fit perfectly among them. If you pay attention at the picture below, you will find the two Anvil of Doom guardians. In addition all shields comes from the current Ironbreakers/Irondrakes box and none of them is repeated in our customer's collection. We love this kind of personal projects!

The scheme of color chosen by our client is his typical red and gold with silver chainmails and grey earth bases. You will find many grey hair among their beards (they suppose to be old and grumpy). But don't believe all details end here. Once you have seen the models one by one you will be able to appreciate that they are loaded with plenty of them.
Our first miniature is going to be the unit champion: the Old Guard.

This musician guides his brothers to the battle with a drum.

Our customer demanded us to perform some freehands on the banner. The book has been painted in grey as it would be rock. On it we have inscribed two runes: the rune of Stoicism and the rune of Slowness, both useful in battle.

Here is one of the Anvil of Doom guadians. If you check it out, we have placed the model over some rocks because it is not on its original desing to be located on a smooth surface. It trully looks like another Longbeard.

We hope you like them because these models came to our workshop with another one...
In order to see which model will have to wait to our next post.
Cheers from the whole crew and thanks for reading!


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