Monday, 29 October 2012


Today we are going to update our blog with a small request, but complicated at the same time: a dark elf assassin.
Check out how lights and shadows have been performed, how specially we have highlighted face and forearms. The expression of his face is quite agressive, so our client demanded us a special attention on it.
What's your opinion, folks?

Coming soon we expect to finish a request composed by 10 single miniatures, each one different from the others. We are sure you will like it!

Thursday, 18 October 2012


We still haven't show anything about this request that we had hidden. We have been working on it step by step, trying to advance at the same time that we complete other requests. But finally, we have performed a few part that we want to show you.
Today, we bring you to our blog a huge detachment of Space Wolves, just a part of what it will be a whole company of a Space Marines chapter: the company of Ragnar Blackmane. We have already finished a shred of it: 2 Blood Claws squads and a Hero conversioned by our client.

We have to recognize that when we saw everything already assembled over our table, we felt overwhelmed. But...what do you think?

112 Space Wolves, 15 heroes and 7 Drop Pods. Many work to do here.

7 Drop Pods!

Some of the heroes that we still have to paint. As you can see, we have all the bases already performed. Snow and icicles fit perfectly for Space Wolves. It's really easy and quick to do and looks great! We have also finished all the airbrush work, applying the base coat and first armor lights with it.

But now let's see what we have painted. We will start for the troops: 2 squads of 15 Blood Claws each one. They include some heavy weapons and each one has his own squad sign on his right shoulder pad. We reserve the left one for the company's icon: the Ragnar's wolf.

1st Blood Claws squad.

Details of a couple of Marines, one equipped with meltagun.

Marines with power fist, plasma pistol and flamer.

 1st Blood Claws squad sign.

Ragnar Blackmane's company sign.

2nd Blood Claws squad.

Marines with power fist and meltagun.

You can check here these Marines with the Mark of Wulfen.

Detail of the Marine equipped with flamer and the Mark of Wulfen as well.

2nd Blood Claws squad sign.

Time for the hero that we have painted. This character was originally made from a miniature of Archaon. Hope you like it!

Base details of the snow and icicles.

And finally, we want to show how it looks everything together in formation. Pity we won't see the whole request painted at the same time.

Hero along with the 1st squad.

Hero along with the 2nd squad.

And this has been all for today. We are going to have a lot of work only with the rest of this Space Wolves request, so you must be patient. Something like this needs many time to be finished! It still remains 40 Grey Hunters, 10 Terminators, 15 Wolf Guards... the list never ends!

Cheers from the whole team to our readers!

Monday, 8 October 2012


Get ready for the... TYRANIDS!!

Hello everyone!
We are really pleased and satisfied about the work that we have performed last week. We have finished the rest of our Space Hulk request:
- 22 Genestealers.
- 1 Broodlord.
- 1 Librarian Calistarius.
- 1 dead Terminator Space Marine on a throne.

If you want, you can check here the Blood Angels Terminators that compose the other part of this big request.

It's been a tough work and longer than we expected. These miniatures are complicated and full of details, not only at the bases. But apart of this, we have to recognize that all of them are great, very dinamic and together they offer an espectacular vision.

Our client wanted his Genestealers painted like in the original set box. He wanted to change just one thing: the Genestealer's claws must be painted with a "Bleached Bone" weathered instead of the original black. And we have to recognize that they look really nice with that. We have also added at the bases some electric wires and some rusted  iron sheets, apart of the details that they already include to give coherence with the Blood Angels Terminator squads. Of course, we highlight the Broodlord base as he deserves. Painting them with dark colours with those rusted details make the bases adquire a great environment of desolated spaceship.

Talking about the Librarian Calistarius and the dead Terminator miniature, we have also painted them like in the original box with the same decoration for the bases. We have included the Librarian shoulder pad "free hand" as well.

Let's see what you think about these miniatures (what a blue tide!):

Each Tyranid has practically his own details, so we want to show you a couple of them by photo. In this way you will be able to see their details more accurately.

We love these Tyranids, the one which is licking the Terminator's head and the one which comes out breaking the ground.

We wanted to highlight the only Tyranid hero that this request included (the Broodlord), so we have added even more details to his base. Pay attention because they are not randomly placed: electric wires form a pentagon which guide you and highlight what it's inside.

Now we shift of army. We want to introduce you the Librarian Calistarius, leader of the Terminator Squads.
Check out all the datails that he has like the axe, the cables or diferent parchments throughout his armor.

Shoulder pad "free hand" detail.

And finally, to end this request, the dead Terminator on a throne. We really like this miniature. His pose is very dinamic and realistic. Just great.

To sum up, a varied request full of complex miniatures with many details which we have used several interesting techniques and enjoyed painting their bases.
We hope you like it and of course we accept all your opinions and ideas.



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