Sunday, 29 April 2012


Check out what a beauty we bring you today.
This Dark Elf Sorceress is the responsible of the death of more than one High Elf and winner of the painting contest "Desafío del Pintor" of Games Workshop Zaragoza.
Congratulations Ricardo, you deserve it.
We love the rare scheme of colors for the skin that he has choosen for his Dark Elves. Orange and black clothes fit really good to the Sorceress to get a dark and wild look. Do not miss the details of the sceptre:

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Borja has already finished this Goreshade from Warmachine range of miniatures. We've already mentioned it in a previous post where we showed you the first steps of the process of this great miniature ( The next one of Warmachine will be a Death Jack. In fact it is requiring the best of us. You'll see what a complicated miniature. Will show it to you soon.

In the meantime, here you've got the results of this Goreshade that we've painted on request:

Take a look of the green and grey weathered clothes, along with the bronze elements.
Base details are really nice too.
We hope you like it! 

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


And here we've got the second part of the request: 30 Warriors of Chaos splitted in two units of 15 (a good base for a solid army). (Link with part 1:
In these photos are beginning to take color. You can see the metallic and purple base layers, the last one painted with airbrush.

And finally today we can say that this request is done. It's been plenty of work.
You can see the results of these two great units:


We've painted the bases with the same scheme of colors of the Marauders in order to get coherence as army, due to Marauders don't have any Slaanesh icon. In this way it seems all come from the same desolated and bleak place. 

We also want to show you both command groups separated:

Our customer asked us too for some movement trays for each unit. There they are:

And how we use to do: the final photo must be for the whole request. Enjoy!

Well, it's been another long request which has required many hours of work. As we use to, we did it enjoying these miniatures and the results. We think are great!
We hope our client like it too. Along with a Slaanesh Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount that we painted to him a few months ago, he already has a good base for a Chaos army.

We hope you liked this post! 
And of course... greetings from the team!

Sunday, 8 April 2012


Today we bring a new wave of change and fresh air to our blog. We are working on a Warmachine miniature: a Goreshade. It's a great miniature requested by one of our customers. We could check the good quality of metal with which Warmachine miniatures are built.

Here it still was in process, but it's already finished. You can see the result in the next link: . Anyway, we wanted to upload the first pictures so you can check out how it was progressing.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Greetins guys!

We're pleased to introduce to all of you our new request. If the last month was the month of Bretonnia...this month will be about Chaos. Get ready for the invasion!
We've received 20 Marauders, 30 Warriors of Chaos and one Marauder Champion of Avatars of War. First of all Borja decided to try with the Marauder Champion. It was a new miniature for us but you'll see the results. Just great. At the same time the rest of the team started to paint the unit of 20 Marauders.

Our client wanted a Marauder unit with a real barbarian look, directly arrived from the North. That means: tanned and bronzed skins and dark weapons and clothes.

On the other hand, he wanted his Slaanesh Warriors with purple coats and dark metallic armors. Our client wanted to split them in two units of 15. We have painted the coats that they carry on their shoulders with grey and white, getting a weathered effect in order to seem wolf skins. This gives coherence with their bases and their dark appearance.

This is an overview of the whole request just primed. There is a lot of work here!

We decided to start to paint the Marauder's skins: 

After hours of work the unit starts to take color (here they just have skins, metals and pants):

But at the same time Borja was progressing with the Marauder Champion as well (here almost done, without details nor base):

And today we could officially say that unit and champion, both, have been completed.
First, Marauder unit:

We really like the color of the bases. We've thought that a grey color could be fine in order to look like a desolate land. We've applied a dry brush of "Bleached Bone" on the grass. Now it looks dead and corrupted, which gives coherence between ground and grass.

Then, the Marauder Champion of Avatars of War already finished:

You can see the end in part 2, following the next link: Do not miss it!


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