Sunday, 26 August 2012


We update our blog again! Summer is ending and we have to seize these days.

The customer that rewarded us one month ago with an Outcasts band of Malifaux, has decided to be generous again and bring us the chance to paint another band, but an Arcanists one now. If the last time we were surrounded of renegades, street thugs, chains and knives; now we move on into a world of Cabaret shows, magic and illusions.

That's right because for this request we have painted the Colette Set Box that includes her miniature, Cassandra, and 2 Performers with their respective Mannequins. But this was not enough for our customer, so he decided to complement his new band with Angelica, Mistress of Ceremonies; 2 Coryphée, 1 Kaeris miniature and 1 Gunsmith Female. Nice!
Finally, to end his Outcasts band, he has passed us a miniature of Hamelin, the Ratcatcher.

Of course, we think that Malifaux miniatures are great, always taking the best topics and cliches, blending them with very dynamic and original postures.

Our customer purposed us bases in coherence with the special environment of these miniautures, that's why we have included on them gold coins and Poker cards all around. The ground has been built of wood to simulate the scenery of a theatre. Can be anything better than all of this?

The whole band.

Colette du Bois.




Angelica, Mistress of Ceremonies



Gunsmith - Female

(How lovely the puppy is!!)

His base has been painted different because he will be included at the diorama that we are building for the Outcasts band.

We are done with Malifaux by the moment. We thought we would receive another small band in a few days, but the customer finally is going to send us something...different because of the release of the Dark Vengueance set box. You'll see!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Just when we had finished a nice Chaos Space Marines request a couple of weeks ago, we receive a new one! We are having an hectic summer! But we have to recognize that at the expense of not playing enough battles nor working for ourselves. It will be time for those matters. We hope to keep receiving your miniatures!

The request that we show you today is composed by a Khorne Daemon Prince of Forge World, which we have built a new base. Our customer saw our Bloodthirster and asked to us for a very characteristic Khorne's base to highlight this amazing miniature. Moreover, he wanted to complement his request with a Terminator Nurgle squad (they have a few personal changes) to be commanded by Typhus, Herald of Nurgle.

Here we leave you the photos:

Base's details. A Khorne Daemon must have enough skulls and chains on it base! We wanted to simulate a blood river, which gives coherence and a daemoniac look according to the God that it serves.

However, at the beginning the base wasn't painted like a blood river, but lava. But we proposed the idea to our customer and he decided to change the original idea. Here we show you the first steps of it construction and how the Daemon Prince looked with the lava's river base. ¿Which one do you prefer?

We wanted to raise the miniature so we built a mound with mold putty leaving some gaps to simulate a riverbed.

Here you can see it almost done but for a few details.

Here you can check out the Nurgle's Terminators. Nurglings at the bases have been placed there by decision of our customer. What a pets!

And finally...Typhus, Herald of Nurgle and commander of the Nurgle's Terminator squad. We love this miniature.

That's all for now. We hope you enjoyed these miniatures. We always like to work on big miniatures such us the Khorne Daemon Prince.
We keep performing requests but soon it's possible that you see new Malifaux updates. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Another request that we have to say goodbye from our workshop. And this time we promise you that has been tough, because we just said goodbye to the base of a great Chaos Space Marines army. When you see everything finished you remember all those hours of work, the moment you open the box and see all those sprues and begin to imagin the final results, the ideas that arised in our minds, the details that we applied...and when everything is painted you know that doesn't belong to you. What a envy! (well-meaning envy, of course!).
However, all those hours of work really have been worthy.

In this post we want to show you the last part of the request (4 Rhinos that are the assigned transport for each unit of Berzerkers) and an over-view of the whole army. Then you will be able to check out why it has taken so much time and 5 posts in our blog. Posts that we leave you here in case somebody wants to take a deeper gander of any element:

Let's start! First, the 4 Chaos Rhinos:

Rhino 1

Rhino 2

Rhino 3

Rhino 4

Our client wanted a conversion for one of the Rhinos. It's basically that the Rhino had to be covered by spikes and chains and on top of them, skewered loyal Space Marines. It should have broken, cracked and chipped armor parts where you could see some bones of the dead Marines. This is the final result: 

And now, after showing you the assigned transports that will cover the advance of the red tide that forms the 48 Berzerkers, we want you to check how the entire army looks. Get ready!  

This has been everything from us. It's been the biggest request that we have ever completed until now, but it has been truly cool. We must thank to our client his confidence for trusting us his army. We hope you win many battles with them! Moreover, the end of this request coincides with a happy date for us. In a few days this association will have 1 year of life. We hope it will be many more!

Cheers from the whole team and for those who follow us, thank you very much!


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