Tuesday, 31 March 2015


An organic tide of bones, muscles and chitin has invaded our blog! Tyranids strike back with a huge Tervigon, a sneaky Lictor and a toxic Venomthope, all of them painted with a pretty odd scheme of colors of what we use to see in this fierce race. 

This is a special post because it is the first one performed completely by our new painter, Miguel. Congratulations for these great results.
But, let's focus on the models: if you remember last year, we already painted a Termagant brood and an Exocrine with the same scheme, which is based in the one that appears in the old White Dwarf #213. Its section "Army of the Month" has a splendid Tyranid army quite similar to the one of today. Dark brown and yellow applied at the chitin armor contrast perfectly with the green skin. If we add some pink for the organic parts, we get this rare scheme few seen in the battlefields. 


The most spectacular monster is this Tyranid Tervigon. Thanks to it size and forcefulnes, this model will be one of the best among our customer's Tyranids army. If you pay attention at its belly, a new Termagant is being created.

Here you can see closer how the chitin armor has been painted. In addition, the belly muscles can be much better appreciated in this pic.

We love this photo. Check out how the Termgant is getting out of the belly. A very good point that performed the painter is to apply a wash over the new "babyborn" with Nurgle's Rot, a Games Workshop Technical color. This paint creates a mucous effect perfect to simulate the birth of a new Termagant.

This Tervigon is walking over some rocks in its relentless way toward the enemy. Our customer is applying a desertic appearance to his army and we thought that some death bushes would be great for the base.


As you all know, this terrible beast is always one of the first to be deployed during a Tyranid planetary invasion. It prefers to hunt alone, identifying weak points in the enemy and attacking only when it knows it can win. Using mimicry techniques, Lictors are the terror of the Imperial Guard, especially within jungles.

Nurgle's Rot has been applied too on its pincers and tentacles of its mouth.

Without doubt, one of the most dangerous and crafty beasts of the Tyranid army.


These Tyranid monters emit poisonous clouds from the conducts of their backs. In close combat they are a anti-infantry unit due to its high iniciative, their "poisoned 2+" rule and "obscured target".

Once again, we have used Nurgle's Rot at its tentacles.

We hope you like these great models.
We don't stop paintig and learning with each miniature. Remember, try always to improve! In fact we think that our next post will surprise you...


Monday, 23 March 2015


Threes new dwarves complete this week our loooong list of painted models. Each one has its own details and have required different techniques, so the painter has enjoyed and learnt a lot with these models. We are sure you will enjoy them beacuse they are very special:

We have painted a Dwarf Lord and a Master Engineer from Scibor Miniatures and a classic Longbeards standard bearer which will join his unit of Longbeards in a few days.
We want to write a little bit about Scibor Miniatures because we hadn't worked yet its models, and we have to recognize that they are really good. They have taken the most Warhammer dwarf representative characters and have modeled very dinamic miniatures for our armies. Let us explain each one detail by detail:


We start with the most spectacular of the three models. The scheme of colors must be like the one applied in the rest of the troops. If you have clicked in the previous Longbeards link, you have been able to appreciate that they mostly performed in red and gold. Without doubt, a very effective scheme:

Our customer demanded us to emulate the Arkenstone from the Peter Jackson's films the Hobbit. In addition, we had to paint the King's rune on the helmet, that is a small free hand crown shaped.

In this pic you can see the diffent effects performed on the cloak and the gold color at the hammer

Green cloak fits very well along the red armor. The base is pretty impresive and must be painted with dark grey shadows, as it would be in the bottom of a deep cavern.


As we said before, the Longbeards standard bearer had to follow the same scheme than his partners. A trully imposing model.

As main details, check out the face, the beard that characterize this unit and the book placed at the standard. 

Standard details.


The last model of this post is the Master Engineer from Scibor Miniatures which offered us another challenge with some curious effects to apply on him. Don't you see something strange at his face? Yes, our customer ordered us to emulate that some device has just exploded in front of his nose and his face would be covered with soot and his beard with embers.

Everybody knows that Dwarf engineers are more workers than warriors...and have you ever seen a clean worker? Pay attention at the dirt performerd at his pants, shirt and tools bag.

Until here the three Dwarf miniatures. They are the perfect exemple when we say that even the simplest model can be complicated...and that makes thrilling this universe . Follow our advice: try to break your own challenges even in your most basic miniatures and then you will be able to show them proud.

Cheers from the whole crew!  

Monday, 16 March 2015


Check out the last curious model we have just finished. It is a conversion about a High Elf Noble mounted on Pegasus. It is certainly something rare to find because High Elves doesn't have Pegasus in their army lists since 5th edition. Anyway, the model looks pretty good, don't you think?  

If you pay attention, rider and mount have been extracted from the High Elf Prince and Noble box and from the Bretonnian Pegasus Knight. The scheme of colors performed is the same followed in previous orders because our customers wants his High Elves in a determinated pattern: dark red, gold and white. You can see another example in this Lothern Skycutter.
Finally, we have decorated the base with some extra elements.

In addition, our customer has based his High Elves icon and banner in a roman legion. You can see this in the shields in both sides of the pegasus and at the base. All of them are "free hands".

If we analyze its possible skills on the battlefield, it can be a real headache for the enemy. Thanks to its extreme mobility, can threat the flanks and the rear of weak unit, mages, war machines... Of course, it will be a magnet for missile attacks, so we must protect it pretty well. 

All comments are welcome! We hope you like it and...see you in our next post! 

Thursday, 12 March 2015


Short post today compared with the Dragon Mage of Caledor that we uploaded the last Sunday.
We have painted the new model of Green Arrow. As many Knight Models fans would know, this is the second version of this superhero that the spanish brand has released. In fact we have been very lucky because we have already performed both. If you want to check how the other miniature looks, just follow the link below: 

As you see, differences between both models are substantial. We have assembled the uncovered head due to customer petition. Of course, the scheme of colors couldn't be other but the original. Check out too the back in the next photo which Knight Models has designed this time without quiver.

In this pic, taken a little bit closer, you can appreciate the fine work applied at the face. Do you like it?

Thursday, 5 March 2015


An indomitable and impulsive Dragon Mage of Caledor mounted on his Sun Dragon arrived some time ago to our workshop in order to be painted. Finally, his hour has come and we already can show it here. In fact we were anxious to perform this famous High Elves model which one of us has as part of his army. Unfortunately, we don't have much time for personal painting projects...
Anyway, be welcome to this spectacular post about dragons and magic!

For this huge miniature, our customer didn't want something too much complicated about the scheme of colors. We have just followed the classic blue and white High Elves shades and a red color for the Dragon skin (it is a Sun Dragon at the end) very tipicial of the Caledor beasts. The rest is made by the model itself, with such an impressive posture spreading its wings and flying away. Its psychological effects on the battlefield are obviuos but at the same time fits great placing it in a showcase leading your high elves army.
As a curiosity, the Dragon Mage has been magnetized in order to exchange its two possible riders: the High Elves Prince and the Dragon Mage of Caledor. Let's see this model detail by detail:

One of the most important parts is the dragon head. We especially like the horns and the eye.

I wouldn't like to see something like this in front of me!

In this picture you can see the whole Dragon Mage from the other side. Here we can appreciate better the wings and the white clothes. In addition, the vegetation of the base offers some green spots that fit great with the red skin of the beast.

Airbrush has been crucial in this project. You can sense its effects in the dragon skin and the white clothes

For the base, we have wanted to differentiate the rocks and the earth by painting them with different colors. This gives more variety to the composition. If you realize, earth doesn't distune with the dragon wings and skin.

Finally we want to show an overview of the whole Dragon Mage. As you see it is pretty small if we want to catch its real size in one photo.

Without doubt it has been a tough work but worth it. We can already say that we have painted this miniature! Not everyday we have the chance to paint a dragon nor upload a nice post like the one of today. We hope you like it and... regards!

PS.: The painter wants to dedicate this post to Ines and her newborn Nicolás.


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