Tuesday, 31 July 2012



Yes people, finally and after many hours of work, we can say that the 48 Chaos Space Marines Khorne Berzerkers are done! We want to thank to our client his patience.
All these troops will be commanded by the Khorne World Eaters Terminator Lord Zhufor and a Bloodthirster. Both belong to this request as well. There are 4 Rhinos ready to be assigned such as transport for each one of this units.

Although these miniatures seem simple, they have many details that you discover when you start to paint them. When it looks they are done, you have to paint 96 shoulder plates and 48 "bags" (as we like to name the respirators).
But we are plenty satisfied with the final results and the miniatures appearance.
Our client asked us to paint his Berzerkers with "Chainmail" instead of the classic World Eaters gold. At the beginning we were skeptics about it, but now we have to recognize that we prefer them with this metallic color.

These 48 Khorne Berzerkers are divided in 4 units of 12 miniatures, including their captains equipped with power fist.

Here you've got the photos. Pass in review the Chaos Space Marine troops:

4 Berzerkers squads ready to collect skulls.

Here you can check the Berzerkers details. We really like the bases: they provide to the miniatures a dark appearance and coherence. It looks they are comming directly from a ravaged planet.

We want to show you the 4 captains with power fists and plasma pistols. Their uncovered heads provide variety and it's much more easy to recognize them

Overview of these 4 units. We love this red tide!

We belive that we've done a good job here. We just have to finish the 4 Rhinos, as we mentioned above, and this request will be over. Soon you'll now more about it!


Thursday, 26 July 2012


New updates about the Chaos Space Marines request that keep us busy this summer. If you are new in our blog or don't remember what I'm talking about, you can check the first steps of this huge work clicking in the following link: 40.000 Chaos Space Marines;
This hero will be the commander of 4 Chaos Space Marines Berzerkers Khorne units with 4 Rhinos such as their assigned transports. If it's not enough, Zhufor count with the support of a Bloodthirster.

What we bring you today is the Khorne World Eaters Terminator Lord Zhufor. This spectacular hero of Forge World has helped us to break the monotony of this request, full of red, black and metallic colors. A small change due to his cloak, skulls and details has been welcome. Base has been painted following the rest of the army's style.
Now, the photos. Hope you like it:

These photos that we show you now don't have some details performed such as the spike on top of the skeleton, the World Eaters icons or the coat that Zhufor wears.

At the beginning, we didn't paint the World Eaters icons because the rest of the Berserkers included in the request don't belong to this Chaos Space Marine chapter, but finally our client asked us to paint them in that way.

Soon we will finish this request and we will upload everything to show you how looks a Chaos Space Marine army. Do not miss the updates!
Greetings from the crew!

Monday, 16 July 2012


Our client Rafa has been very kind sending us photos about the Blood Angels army that we have painted for him.  If you pay attention, you will realize that each squad or miniature have their own post in our blog. Due to we have painted them during this last year, we've never seen all the miniatures together. Step by step they are becoming an unstoppable killing machine!

Saturday, 14 July 2012


We couldn't resist the temptation to paint the exclusive miniature we get in the Games Day 2012. We must thank Rafa for taking pictures of this Blood Angels Captain and send us photos about all the miniatures that we have painted for him. We will update our blog next Monday with it.

Friday, 13 July 2012


Games Day 2012 was celebrated in Barcelona the 1st of July and, of course, we had to be there!
Just with our camera and our eagerness we departed from our city, Zaragoza, at 3 a.m. and we arrived at Barcelona at 7 o'clock. Games Day started at 10.00 so in the meantime we decided to visit the Gothic Quarter and the harbor of Barcelona.
First thing that we could check once we arrived at the Games Day was the "Armies on Parade". A perfect start for a really nice day dedicated to our hobby. It was a spectacular vision all those armies waiting for us!

Winner of Armies on Parade: Juan Carlos Mendal. From our city: Zaragoza.

Next thing we wanted to check was the store, with the whole range of GW products. We expected some kind of discounts, but the only deals that we found were: "spend 200 € and your order will be free delivered at home"...or new Warhammer 40.000 Rulebook signed by the creators at the same price that a normal one, but buying the new Munitorum Tape Measure and the new set of Munitorum Templates.We left the store disappointed, as many others.

We spent the rest of the time checking the Golden Demon miniatures, different battles boards and painting tables. We assisted to a couple of conferences. One of them was offered by Anja Wettergen, great painter of "Eavy Metal". In the other conference was present one of the sculptors of the GW Studio and writter of many Warhammer novels. They were really interesting in order to know how proffesional painters work and develop their ideas and projects. We also checked the minigames that many clubs bring to the event. And we didn't miss the Scrap Demon neither!

Nice and interesting minigame. Basically consists in duels with cards and dices in a Arena.

Orcs VS Dwarfs.

Blood Bowl Stadium.

We could see the new releases of Forge World too. Just astonishing.

And finally, here you've got the Golden Demon miniatures. We couldn't take pictures to all of them (sorry!!), but for ethics and rights reasons we are going to show you only photos taken by us. Enjoy!

Warhammer 40.000 Single Miniature :

Silver (Elías Alonso).

Bronze (Cristian Hardy).

Warhammer 40.000 Squad:

Gold (Michael Delcroix).

Silver (Jaume Tugas).

Bronze (Rubén Souto).

Warhammer 40.000 Vehicle:

Gold (Jose Manuel del Toro).

Warhammer 40.000 Monster:

Gold (Elías Alonso).

Bronze (Jorge Santiago).

Warhammer Single Miniature:

Gold (Iván Serra).


Silver (Rubén Pérez).

Bronze (Julien Casses).

Warhammer Monster:

Silver (Fabrizio Russo).


Gold (Michael Adinarayanin). Forge World Special Award.

Silver (Christopher Octire).

Broze (Cristian Hardy).


Gold (Alfonso Giraldes).

Bronze (Jose Manuel del Toro).



Silver (Marc Masclans).

Until here the winners of the different categories. Now other participants that although didn't win anything, they deserve a special mention:

We use to follow one of the best painters in Spain, Volomir. That's why we really wanted to see this miniature.

Chaos Titan.

This was our Games Day. Next year we will come back and we'll try to inscribe some miniatures!


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