Tuesday, 24 June 2014


In our last post we already told you about the model of today: a vampire.
Maybe is not a usual one. It remind us this Winged Vampire Lord of Warhammer Fantasy, but at the same time it has some differences.
Do you like it?

Wings have been painted with Blood Red and Dwarf Flesh.

Look at the base: the gravestone is a perfect detail for this model.

Skin has been performed with similar scheme of how we should paint bones, but avoiding drybrush technique. Do not forget that is flesh and not bone, at least for the most parts.

The pose is quite shocking.

Don't let your brushes rest. That's the only way to keep improving!

Until our next miniature!

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Summer comes along with bugs.
There are not too much Tyranids in our blog. If you want you can check our previous works with this xenos specie, just clicking the link below:

The next model is the first of what we expect will be a long serie of Tyranids. Today we bring and Exocrine painted with a green and brown scheme of colors:

We have added an elaborated base because a model like that deserves it. 

We have performed with airbrush and ink the green color. A system that fits really good with big miniatures.

We have chosen a very showy red color for the cannon in order to get a high contrast between the green, brown and red.

The shell  hasn't been too much difficult to perform, but we to admit that has been a tedious work.

Details of the shell

Exocrine front view.

In our next post we are going to upload something different of what we use to do. We will bring a model that perfectly could be included in a Vampire Counts army but we are sure nobody of you have seen it before! You cannot miss it!



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